There is a Place You Reach When You Have Achieved

Inner Peace and Wisdom…

It is Soothing, Comforting and Filled

 with Confidence and Hope…


I Will Take You There


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If you are seeking things out of life that seem elusive,
there is probably a good reason.

Whether you want improved relationships, financial security or better long term health and wellness, this is the place to be.

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Usually when people don’t achieve what they desire in life there are many factors at work, but one of the biggest is STRESS.

When stress takes over your life, it becomes an insidious beast that wreaks havoc wherever you allow it to, doing damage to your peace of mind, your body chemistry and how people relate to you on a daily basis.

Left unchecked it can spiral out of control and instead of moving toward your desires in life, you are moving away from them.

But now you can change all that.


My name is Art Ramsay, and over the past twenty years, I have learned through training, practice, and experience what works and what doesn't work when it comes to:

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Health

…and that wonderful state of inner peace that can be the real answer you have been looking for all this time.

In my travels and experiences I’ve noticed some common threads with people who are not at peace.  They are constantly thinking about everything except the present moment. 

They could be haunted by the past, fearful of the future or both.  They never look within to realize that the answers to having a happy life have been there with them all along. 

It is only when we pay more attention to what is ‘inside’ us instead of what is ‘outside’ that we can begin to make beneficial changes in our lives.

And the best news is that you are not alone anymore.  My coaching, books or online courses of study can be your guide to true alignment, inner peace and happiness!

Just read some of these inspiring success stories and then imagine what yours will be!


Art is one of those people that changes your life (if you let him).  When I was attending his class it was the highlight of my week and I never missed.  As a mom on my own and business person, I relished the time to be with other like minds that all held the space of safety so we could speak openly and deeply where we were and focus on our goals of where we wanted to be. 

Most of all I like the fact that Art recognizes that we are all individuals and what works for one may not work for another and offered different ideas to accommodate that reality. 
I highly recommend Art's book, Inner Peace Revealed, especially the exercises - using them changed my life. Art is a great teacher and coach; a man of peace who walks his talk.


Marcie -The Balloon Fairy- McGrath


Having recently had the privilege of studying with Art Ramsay, I can readily attest to his passion for making this world a better, more peaceful place in which to live. Art doesn’t merely advocate peace--he actively practices it in his own life and encourages it in the lives of his students. He is a firm believer that the only way to lasting peace is to cultivate it in the hearts of each and every person in the world today.

 In his new book, Inner Peace Revealed, Art discusses the most common obstacles to peace, and provides practical suggestions and exercises on how to overcome them. As I read his book and participated in his class, I not only begin to awaken to a realization of who I really am but I soon found myself on the path to becoming a peacemaker in my own life and in the lives of those around me.

Michael-Clare Walker
Asheville, NC


When I began Art Ramsay’s class on meditation and peacemaking I had never stepped into the world of possibilities before. I was typical transplanted New Yorker who questioned everything, believed nothing, unless it was seen in front of me, and certainly not open to the spiritual world.

Well, if you’ve never experienced Art, that’s how you stay. But I had the good fortune of signing up for the first of many classes with Art and my world has changed. Art brings you to such a place of peace and trust and harmony that it’s even hard to describe. All at once I was able to close my eyes and enter a safe place within myself that transported me to a tranquil, beautiful place where the sun always shines and peace and joy are abundant.

Taking the journey, with Art leading, is something that all should experience. The world would be a better place and, fortunately for me, I continue on that path thanks to this awesome teacher.

Letty Halpern
Asheville, NC

Before working with Art Ramsay, Ph.D.   I fed into counterproductive beliefs that were detrimental to my sense of self worth.  My poor self esteem led to lack of clarity in what I even wanted out of my life. 

My personal coaching work with Art Ramsay, Ph.D. and the exercises provided in his book have played a key role in knowing myself on a deeper more spiritual level.  His teachings have assisted my profound personal growth as an individual. 

Natalie Cellini
Pittsburg, PA  

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