2012: What Will You Chose?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Most people by now have some knowledge of the possible events occurring around the year 2012. But do you know what it really means? If you have watched programs on TV or listened to some “the world is ending” zealots, your impression might be that we are on threshold of disaster worldwide. If this is so, you also might ask “why?” Many prophetic sources give us a picture of gloom and doom, for that is what they saw based on one possibility.

 We do, however, live in a universe that presents us with infinite possibilities. So we, as spiritual beings living a human life, are at choice. We can believe the prophets and fall into the pit of hell and damnation, and Armageddon, or we can look beyond that possibility to a new world of cooperation and love. What will you choose?

 There is a myriad of information out there about what the 2012 commotion is all about, but what it boils down to is cycles. We all know that nature moves through many cycles through the years as seasons come and go, forests burn and regrow, and animals are born and die. Our planet, solar system, and galaxy also go through cycles of much longer duration.

 It is these long cycles that the Mayan and other indigenous peoples of the world have passed on to us about this time on planet earth. Basically, there are two cycles that are occurring simultaneously; not something that has happened in recorded history . One, called a ‘world cycle’ by some, occurs every 5125 years; the other is a cycle of 25,625 years known as the ‘precession of the equinoxes. Also our solar system is passing through the galactic equator (Milky Way) and earth may well be making its journey through it around 2012.

 Due to the energetic changes that influence the earth’s magnetic field, what is seen as cataclysmic activities can occur. It is thought that the Biblical flood was during the beginning of the last ‘world cycle’. We have been in this current energetic shift for the last thirty years and seen hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural occurrences unlike those in recorded history. We are coming to the end of those changes in the next decade, but the next three years or so are forecast to be an even greater energetic shift, including a large solar flare affecting the earth’s magnetic field.

 How will the shifts of the magnetic fields and other natural occasions affect the human race? If you buy into the doomsday prophecies there will be something like world war III and all kinds of other wars and such, resulting in much death and destruction. Can that occur? Yes. Will it occur? That is for us as a human race to decide.

 How we respond to the weather and earth changes will determine whether we take steps to avoid ‘disaster’, feel devastated if ‘disaster’ strikes, or we move on to a new way of living afterwards. How we treat each other and respond to perceived political threats will determine the outcome of those threats. There is nothing ‘set in stone’; we are always at choice.

 The preceding is only a thumbnail sketch of the 2012 controversy. The energy shifts within the earth’s magnetic field are scientific fact, especially where the solar flares are concerned. I used the word ‘controversy’ because there are so many opinions about the date December 21, 2012 (12.21.12). Opinions vary from not knowing about it, to “who cares” or “it’s all a bunch of baloney”, to “life on earth will end and we are all doomed”, to “an age ends, a new one begins”. The date is popular due to the Mayan calendar ending on that date of the Gregorian calendar (the one the Western world uses), signifying the end of a ‘world age’.

 The date is also a marker for the beginning of a new ‘world age’ of 5125 years. None of the happenings mention stop or start exactly on that date; it is only a marker. As noted previously, earth changes have been occurring at an increasing rate for the past thirty years. What is important here is where each one of us is spiritually as we move through this shift to a new age. Astrologically we are moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age; from an age of separation and conflict to one of cooperation and love, leading to Oneness. Note that each astrological age lasts about 2160 years with overlapping energetic influences from both.

 The point of this article is to have you explore your response to the brief sketch of what has been forecast to occur in the coming years. You can Google the 2012 situation and read a ton of data that you can sift through in the coming months. I chose to write this now so as to help you get a more focused view of what might occur as the news media exploits the information as usual. How we respond to the possibilities and the actual occurrences is what is really important.

 The Hopi Indians, one of the prophetic sources of the 2012 data, say that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. This statement supports the spiritual explanation that spiritual masters have always arrived at the beginning of an astrological age. For example, Jesus arrived at the beginning of the Piscean Age which is the one we have been in and is now ending. The Christian religion has been looking for the return of Jesus for years. It is thought that the ‘master’ arriving at the beginning of the Aquarian Age is not a single master, but those of us who have awakened to acknowledge our spirituality and are ready to help others step into their own transformation.

 If you have read through this article and connect with what I have said, then you are already doing something to further your own, and perhaps others spiritual self-discovery. If you question the nature of the contents, maybe it is time to explore your own spirituality through questioning what is occurring in your life and why you are here. We are all here at this time on planet Earth for a reason. What may be yours? What do you bring to our world? How will you respond to what may come in the future? What choices will you make?

 What better time to begin a new journey? The earth is making its way through a cleansing; renewing itself. Now would be a great time for your own cleanse, loving yourself, finding peace and harmony as you go through each day. Just do it.


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