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3 Steps To Go Deeper
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 By “deeper” of course, I mean deeper within. Most of my articles mention going within for one practice or another. So what does “going within” really mean? While I have touched on this in other articles, and gave more detail in some, I may not have made it clear of exactly what it feels like to do this.

 First, where is “within”? Good question and a bit challenging to describe. Since “within” is the opposite of what is outside of yourself, you might think of it as within your body like your heart, but it is not. Just like your mind or consciousness is not your brain, so “within” has nothing to do with your body.

 If you close your eyes what do you see? Nothing. While you may see brightness from your eyelids in daylight, at night it is completely dark. I have experienced absolute darkness with my eye open in a deep forest at night. So that is what you experience when going within from a physical standpoint – nothing.

 Your first step to go within is to empty yours mind. Your mind always wants to be full of thoughts, because that is how you function in the outside world. You know from past articles that a first step to successfully meditate is to follow your breath or say a mantra to accomplish this. So use this as a first step to go within.

 I mentioned a couple articles ago about also eliminating the input from your subconscious belief system if this creeps into your meditative practice. Most of the time, this will surface in your thoughts, but should go away when you quiet your mind. Once your mind is quiet and your body is relaxed, it is time to listen.

 Your intuition or “still small voice” can be “heard” in the silence. Once you have gotten this point, going deeper can begin. I suggest that you feel Love deeply in your heart area as you do the below. Putting your hand on your heart is very helpful in centering yourself. 

  1. Surrender
    • It is time to let go of what you think you know and surrender to the higher aspect of you, God, Spirit, or whatever name you use. Names are unimportant anyway.
    • You have been directed by your ego/physical mind most of your life. While it is needed to understand and do physical things to some degree, you cannot allow it to run your life.
    • By surrendering to what you might consider the unknown, since you may not have connected with it much, you are opening yourself to be guided by what may feel unknown at this time.
    • Fear may arise in your mind about surrendering to something unknown to you. After all, surrender is giving up. But what are you giving up?
    • You are giving up your thoughts, beliefs, and such that you should be in control, not something that seems unknown. But this is the only way to really know who you are as a spiritual being.
  1. Trust

·         Before, during, and after surrendering you must be in a place of trust. What or who are you trusting? As stated above, it is the Higher Aspect of You.

·         This step may be easy or difficult depending on your state of mind at this point, but surrender and trust go together. If you do not trust who you are surrendering to, then it will have little effect on the process.

·          If you have recognized intuitive input in the past, especially if you have acted upon it with success, then it will be easier to trust you input now.

·         If you have not, at this point, quieted your mind, then what comes to you will most likely not be from your Higher Self. It takes practice to get to a point of trust here, so stay with it. 

  1. Gratitude

·         This is something I have written about many times, so you already know how important gratitude is to your psyche. But even more important here is thanking the sender of your input. Have you ever given thanks for intuitive guidance? It is the same here.

·         You will feel much better about the guidance you received if you give thanks for it. It is the same as given thanks and blessing the food you are about to eat.

·         You can come away from this whole experience feeling a sense of completion when you give sincere gratitude for it. Leaving your meditative time with trust and gratitude will feel complete and worthwhile.

 For many of you, the above may seem very difficult, if not actually scary, because you will be dealing with something you may not ever have knowingly experienced. If this is the case, approach this practice like you would anything else you have ever tried for the first time.

 Did you give up trying to walk as an infant? No, you did it repeatedly until you took that first step. You probably tried riding a bike many times, before you where successful. The above is no different; practice and you will see results as you take one step at a time.

Peace Be With You, Art


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