7 Questions To Ask Yourself For A More Meaningful Life
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 In a world that would have us follow what society dictates is 'right' and 'wrong', we are given few choices to be who we really are. When we break through the wall of lies and deception, we enjoy the freedom to be our true selves. What is your choice; follow the crowds, or be your own person?

 Whether you chose the crowds or follow the road less traveled, the seven questions below will help guide your life in a way that gives it more meaning. Let me explain. We all live our lives through the perceptions we create over our lifetime. The perceptions, of course, are tied to beliefs, and they are a subject of other articles I have written. Our perceptions are what prompt the choices we make, and the choices we make create the life we live.

 Most people follow the crowd; they do what they have been taught to do and know no other way to live. I call them 'robotic lives' because we are programmed to do things a certain way and believe a certain way, from the time we are children. Changes come about when we reprogram what we have believed is so and make new choices. While there are many ways to do this, one method is to ask questions.

 Asking questions opens our minds to new possibilities, aspects of our lives we may never before have considered. To be meaningful, the questions need to focus on areas in which we most desire changes. There are specific questions we could ask to get to a particular area of our lives, or we could ask general questions to get the 'big picture', the macro view, first. This way we open a broader view of what we are looking for, and then we can get more specific.

 The questions must be open-ended; they cannot have a 'yes' or 'no' answer. They must make you think and go deep for answers. This way you can journal your way to the answer(s). If you have not created and written in a journal, either on a computer or in a paper journal, it is an excellent way to just write and let your mind open. I suggest you answer the questions that follow using a journal or similar way of recording your answers. Answering the questions in your mind is tentative with no way of consciously retaining the content. Plus, journaling gives you a chance to come back later and add new possibilities to the original.

 1. What process, relationship, or activity in your life could be better and in what way?

 This question gives you a chance to come up with a starting point for the questions that follow. It is general and simple, but will allow you to expand, perhaps deeply into answers.

 2. In the preceding question, how do you influence the situation's creation? What part do you play?

 Since we are creators of our lives, there is a role you play in question one's scenario. Even if you do not believe this statement, suspend your disbelief for this exercise and pretend you do. Once you begin writing about the role you play, you will begin to see what part of the situation you created.

 3. What one activity can you engage in to bring the situation closer to the place you desire?

 Once you find a first step, you are on your way to bringing about what you desire. These three questions can be used repeatedly to look deep into how you can move forward and create the life you want, in many ways. Play with it and keep fine-tuning questions/answers to get where you want to be.

 4. What are you passionate about?

 We all are passionate about something that we may have buried, while we raised a family, or went through college, or work long hours at a job. If you had nothing else to do and money was not a problem, what would you love to do?

 5. Considering the world situation and probable future as we approach 2012 changes, what role can you play to help make the transition smoother, easier, and enjoyable for you and others?

 You may consider this a non-question for your current lifestyle, however we all are being, and will be, affected by the weather, earth changes, and those people and organizations that would have us do things their way. This may be a very deep question for you to consider. Take your time with this one.

 6. What could you do to uplift another human being tomorrow?
 This may seem simple, but take some time to deeply consider this. Your role in the world is important, whether you think so or not.

 7. How do you feel about yourself? That is, do you love yourself, think your body is too 'fill in the blank', or you are not good enough, for example?

Although it sounds simple, this is another very deep question. Take some time here, go within, look in the mirror and view your reflection for awhile. Look deep into your eyes.

These seven questions, each which may take days to completely answer, will give you profound insights into your life. There are many other questions you could ask to look deeply into your life. Why would you do that? Because you did not come here to just work at a job for forty plus years, raise a family, retire and play golf, watch TV, and take life for granted. You came here to do something important, and only you can determine what that is.


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