How To Move Past Anxiety and Despair
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Our emotions seem to run our lives, making each day a rollercoaster ride. One minute we are happy and the next, gloomy. It seems more the rule than the exception for most of us. Why is that? What causes such mood swings? Now I know the medical profession will claim you have some disease and need a pharmaceutical drug, but that is their opinion based on what they have been taught. The truth is, everyone has mood swings even though they might not appear as dramatic as the ones doctors would subscribe for.

 What causes a change in mood is our emotions, and what causes our emotions to change rapidly are unconscious memories. We all have unconscious memories of many kinds, but the ones that cause most of our troubles are forgotten or unknown beliefs. The trigger is an important aspect of why you moved from a happy mood to a sad one. It works this way: you are joyfully engaged in some thought, conversation, or activity when, suddenly you feel sullen; what happened?

 Something triggered a memory. There are aspects of our lives that produce triggers, but there are also triggers that seem to come out of nowhere. Exploring the source of the trigger can produce an explanation of the mood swing. What were you thinking, discussing, or doing when the change occurred? What memory could have been triggered, and what could have triggered the memory, or vice-versa?

 Here is a personal example of what I mean. A cat that I loved dearly, left this world recently, and I have missed him a lot. He showed up at our house a few years ago and stayed, finally coming inside a year ago. But he was still mostly an outside cat. I have a long walk to my mailbox up a gravel road. Recently, on the way up or back I would often well up with tears for no apparent reason. The memory that triggered the tears was Dakota often being on the road or in our driveway when I made that hike. He would roll over and want me to pet him and sometimes follow me back to the house.

 While the above example is from a recent memory, most of these kinds of situations occur from long held memories. The idea is to determine the trigger, which should offer the indication of a memory related to the trigger. Like in the above example, the trigger was walking on the road where Dakota often met me, without him being there, and the memory was of a loving animal in my life and our connection.

 You can play the trigger/memory 'game' every time your mood changes, and often uncover what caused the shift. But sometimes, it is more difficult or does not work at all. The trigger could have been something external instead of from your unconscious. Since we are all connected, and I mean ALL, we can pick up other people's energy without knowing it. When this happens, you will not be able to verify where the trigger came from and will have to rely on some method like those below, to pull yourself back into your 'happier' mood. Also, the energy around the earth is changing a lot right now, and it definitely will affect your moods. Some people will be affected easier than others. Again, you will have to rely on what I have written below to get yourself back into a better state.

 A 'down' mood or emotion will often make you feel listless, keeping you from wanting to do anything. You must force yourself past this feeling and do one or more of the following actions.

  • Take a walk; in nature if possible
  • Play your favorite music
  • Do something that you enjoy doing
  • Sit and contemplate a time when you were having fun, like being at the beach or being with friends
  • Call a friend and talk. Caution: do not pull yourself lower by bemoaning your state to your friend
  • Meditate if that is comfortable for you
  • Listen to a brainwave soundtrack with earphones if you have done that before
  • So some Tai Chi or similar chi-flowing activity

 There are many other actions you could take to pull yourself out of a 'negative' mood, but the above should give you a place to start. I have experienced the energy changes taking place around the earth, and have sometimes felt extremes in emotional shifts. I have felt angry, anxiety, lost, listless, sad, and other emotions in the past few months. It has sometimes been challenging to shift these energies back to a peaceful state. You will most likely experience it too at various times. Don't give up; keep at it when shifting your mood from 'negative' to happy.

 You are in control. Shifting your emotional state is not necessarily easy, although it might be simple. Being persistent gives you the edge in overcoming what might look like unstable emotional shifts. If we take charge of our life and do what it takes to maintain a happy, or at least 'positive' state of mind, we can rebound quickly from these emotional shifts.

 The way I have found that works best is to keep your state of mind in a 'high vibration.' What does that mean? It means to surround yourself with people and an environment of love, happiness, harmony, peace, and joy. Keep your mind focused on thoughts of these same kinds of vibration. Use words that lift yourself and the people around you. Get yourself out of a tendency to fall into low vibrations due to some trigger from a past belief.

 These ideas may same difficult or maybe even farfetched, especially in your daily life of working a job, raising a family, going to school, and other modern-day activity. But this is real and persevering using techniques like the above will keep you days happier and more productive.


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