Are You Ready?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.


There are many ways to phrase a question, giving it different meanings or nuances, and as many ways to answer one. Depending on what language you speak, the question above might not even mean what it means in English.  

In this case it is a ‘hook’; a way to spark someone’s curiosity. It really has more to it and we will see what it really means as I move along in this article. Unless there had been an earlier conversation, before the above question was asked, someone might ask “ready for what?” The ‘what’ is the topic I want to discuss.

 When I attended the Spiritual Center I go to this past Sunday, the speaker, Dr. John Waterhouse discussed how The Centers for Spiritual Living adopted their Vision Statement, and showed it to us - “A World That Works For Everyone”. He went on to discuss what this meant. He explained that it takes more than holding a high vibration, such as love and peace, or meditating, to heal the world.

 He showed Herman Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Human Needs’ pyramid. I studied this diagram many times over the years, and it shows the first two needs as physical – hunger, thirst, and such, and safety – shelter, staying safe. We all know that much of the world’s populations do not now even have these.

 When I was in Lions Clubs International for thirty years, I joined with others to help people get healthy food, clothing, and other bear necessities of life. We also helped them see and hear better by collecting glasses and hearing aids, and then getting them matched to people, and many other aspects of the basic needs of life.

 We worked mostly on the physical aspects of people’s lives. These must be resolved first before one can aid others to build on the next steps in Maslow’s pyramid: Belonging, Esteem, Cognitive, Aesthetic, Self-Actualization. What I learned from those experiences over the years was that there are different organizations in societies that help people at each level.

 When my mother got upset with me years ago when I quit the Lions Club, commenting that I evidently wasn’t interested in helping people anymore, I explained that I was still doing that, but at a different level. While it didn’t take much preparation to help people’s basic needs, it did take preparing myself to help people at the higher levels.

 So what am I getting to here? When Dr. John pointed out that there are a multitude of needs to fill around the world, I thought about what I did with the Lions Clubs, what I did after that, and what I do now to serve. While I have served at many levels, I have not done so at the depth that others do at their chosen level of service. That is, while I coach and council people, I could not do it for a group of teens on drugs as well as someone trained for that work.

 People are needed at every level of expertise to guide those who choose such guidance. Technology, for example, is looking for imaginative and creative people to solve technological problems. You don’t have to be a technological expert, only someone with an idea. People need water and food where there isn’t any. They also need a way to distribute food and other products shipped to their country. And the list goes on.

 The ‘world’ needs people who know how to do things, no matter what it is, no matter how small it seems or how large it looks. We need to look beyond appearances at how things can be, rather than how they appear. Now we get to “the rest of the story” relating to the title of this article. Are you ready to help change the world?

 I have written about service in other articles, but not to the depth that I am here. While I have mentioned quite often about how the way we maintain our energy field, that is the ‘aura’ of energy around our bodies is important, what we actively do is as well. You may already be doing exactly what you set out to do in service to humankind.

 Service can be as simple as a smile, kind deed, helping someone in your family. But it can also be coming up with an idea that will bring water to a desert area in Africa. We all have innate intelligence, that aspect of ourselves just waiting to be heard. What are you already doing that you consider service to ‘the world’? What can you do if you have not quite found that spark to light the way?

 It is amazing what we can do when given the chance to shine. I would love to hear from you about how you are in service or considering how to be in service. I am considering hosting some teleseminars so that we can talk with each other, or you could just listen to me if you would rather. But getting together on the phone, and maybe computer, would take us deeper. Let me know how that would work for you.

 As we approach the end of 2012 and stand ready to officially welcome the new age of Aquarius, it reminds me of the song in the play and movie Hair. The young people back in the 1960’s knew a lot more than they were given credit for. Many times when I listened to the words of The Beatles and rock bands’ songs it was almost meditative.

 It is time now for us to move into the reason we are here, just as the rock bands of the ‘60’s. As it has been said many times over the past decade, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. Let’s get out there and do our thing.


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