Using the Big ‘C’ To Get What You Want
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of attention given to the Law of Attraction (LOA) made popular by the movie and book, The Secret. While the principle called the LOA has been known by a few people for centuries, the masses have gone about their lives unaware of how it works in their lives. What is regrettable about people’s ignorance of this principle is that it isn’t being used in a way that brings what they want. If you aren’t aware of the LOA please bear with me and keep an open mind while reading this article. If the word, ‘attract’ doesn’t work for you, then try words like ‘bring into your life’.

 Basically the Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like’. It is a principle related to Quantum Physics, which says that everything is energy vibrating at an infinite number of frequencies. For example, air or light vibrate at high frequencies; while metal and wood vibrate at low frequencies. While the preceding is very simplistic, it serves to lead to the next aspect of how the LOA works in our lives.

 Like any other law of physics, the Law of Attraction is working all of the time to attract back to us what we put out. Science has acknowledged that our thoughts are packets of energy that vibrate just like everything else. Since the LOA is always working, whatever we think consistently is what we attract. It is what I call the bit ‘C’ that The Secret glossed over, or maybe missed altogether. This article is not about the LOA, but is used here as a basic tenet for how consistency is needed in every aspect of life to get the results you want.

 There is one other ingredient in how the LOA brings certain people or situations into our lives; it is our emotions. Simply stated, what we consistently think and emotionally feel about something brings it to us. This means that all the ‘crap’ we don’t like in our lives is being brought to us by us. It is also why people, who have thought that the message in The Secret was to just think about what you want and magically it appears, find they are not getting what they want and say “it doesn’t work for me.”

 We need an example here to demonstrate what I am getting at. I learned to swing a golf club, years ago as the first, and major, step to playing golf. While it is recommended that you take a certain number of lessons and continue them for awhile, I chose to take a couple and get out on the golf course. Even though I practiced consistently, I continued to slice (curve to the right) the ball year after year. I stopped playing twenty years ago frustrated at my inability to improve after ten years.

 A couple of years ago I read that the old saying “practice makes perfect” should have been stated “perfect practice makes perfect.” What you consistently do is what you consistently get; so if I practiced a swing that gave me a slice, then that is what I got. It was only when I learned and practiced the exact way to hold and swing the club so as not to cause a slice that I stop hitting slices.

 The above can be related to the Law of Attraction in that what I consistently did caused me to get consistent slices. If I consistently get angry, think negative thoughts, and feel negative emotions, then I will attract negative situations into my life. On the other hand, if I am consistently happy, grateful, and harmonious I will attract joy-filled situations and people into my life.

 The big ‘C’, consistency is what most people miss when attempting to attract something they really want; missing the importance of the big ‘C’ also leads to self-sabotage and sickness. It is vital to your wellbeing to understand the magnitude of consistent thoughts, emotions, and actions. They give you what you get every day, so you might as well consider how changing something will give you the results you want. I am sure many of you have heard that insanity is doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results.

 Consistency is a given during a class I facilitate on inner peace. I insist repeatedly that the students follow a consistent path doing the exercises and homework. If they do not practice what they learn in class they will not obtain the results I know they can. Those that complete the class and have practiced and continue to practice the principles learned, go on to enriched lives. Those that don’t come back and continue to repeat the class. Changing how your life works is not a game; it is serious work that requires attention, focus, and consistent practice.

 Consider a recent day your life. What seemed to work well and give the results you sought and what didn’t? How did the results get there? Look back over several days or weeks and do the same; is there a pattern of results you would like to change? If so, what pattern of thoughts would have to be changed, because thoughts are where it all starts? Actually, you are really wanting to change a belief, and your thoughts, words, or actions reveal it.

 Moving beyond a stress-filled day is simple, but certainly not easy. It only takes consistent practice of certain exercises to make the leap, but it must be done daily. There is no other way that will give you the results you desire in the long term. There are programs, books, and such that will tell you what might be causing a certain aspect of situations you would like to change, but unless you actually use them in you daily life, you are wasting your time reading.

 What I am saying here is that changing your life from one that isn’t working to one that is, requires a life-long commitment. You will never stop having ‘challenges’ while here on Earth, but how you respond to them will change from fear, stress, anger, and guilt, to love, peace, and harmony. The old adage: chop wood and carry water; go to the mountaintop and become enlightened; come back down; and chop wood and carry water.

 Enlightenment or learning how to live a happy, peace-filled life is doable for anyone on this planet. What do you want? It is your choice; always has been and always will be.


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