Breakdown or Breakthrough?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 We are in a period of 'trying times' as the media may phrase it. Indeed, our environment and the way we live have changed dramatically in the past few years. There is a variety of opinions as to why this is so; to me, some are valid, some are not.

 More importantly than what is causing the change is our response to it and how it affects our lives. For many, the changes are causing great distress in a myriad of ways. It affects our bodies, relationships, work, and how we see the world.

 For me, the changing energy field is affecting my body and temperament. Even though I have a strong spiritual ethic and practice, there are times during the day when negativity of some kind interferes with my desire to live from my heart. For the first time in over 50 years of working out and eating healthfully, my body is troubled with several aches and pains, experiencing the effects of micro-organisms within, and the heat here on the east coast affecting me like it never has before.

 How this change has affected my life is so insignificant compared to people who have lost lives, homes, loved ones, income, and been torn asunder by it all. Most of these people are experiencing the results of earth and weather changes. Others are feeling the energy changes in a similar way as I have.

 We can look at how these changes are affecting our lives in two ways: either we are breaking down from these effects, or we are breaking through barriers. Whenever we desire a spiritual change, we must first break down the old, before we can build the new.

 The breaking down part is what most of us are experiencing now. It may look different for you than it does for me, but it is all the same process. During these encounters we are at choice; we can choose to moan and groan about how awful this is, or we can accept that our bodies are detoxing, and embrace the event however it feels.

 I know for most people, making that choice is not simple. It may take some soul searching, willpower, determination, or commitment to bring about the change that is trying to make itself known; but when you stick with it, you will feel the results profoundly.

 Breaking through our self-imposed barriers is not an easy process. It takes courage. The first thing we need to do is to recognize what is occurring. A physical pain may not seem like it is leading to a breakthrough, but an emotion or feeling most likely will.

If it is physical pain, you might consider how it began and what caused it. Then take care of it in whatever way seems appropriate; either visit a health practitioner or fix it yourself. A feeling or emotion is alerting you to something that needs to be examined and released.

 While physical ailments and pain can also be signaling a need for releasing something going on subconsciously, these encounters are complex and beyond the scope of this article.

 Since our bodies give us feedback about what is happening emotionally, we might first determine where it is located in the body. For example, the right side of the body is deemed masculine, while the left side is feminine. Shoulders are connected with heaviness, or carrying a load. The feet are about support, and so on.

 Once you locate the feeling or emotion in your body, put your hand on it. Take a deep breath and relax, while keeping your hand on the spot. Did it change any? Sit down, close your eyes, and see if you can determine what might have caused it, or is causing it. You may need to repeat the process, before something comes to you.

 If you can do the above process every day for unwanted emotions/feelings when they appear, you soon will be able to free yourself of them. When you hit a big one, you will make a breakthrough. You cannot take this activity lightly. It has to be carefully used with determination and intent. You also will need patience; but practice will make it easier over time.

 Where do these unwanted emotions/feelings come from? They are the result of beliefs collected over time, and stored in your subconscious. When some outer event triggers the belief, it rises to your conscious mind and generates the emotion or feeling.

 Every day we walk right into situations that act as triggers to surface a belief. What most people don't know and refuse to believe, is that we are subconsciously creating the incidents that trigger those beliefs, so that we become aware of their existence. Every time we recognize these scenarios for what they are, we get a chance to break through what has been holding us back.

 We are always at choice. We can choose to work with the emotion/feeling that surfaces, or we can ignore it. We can let it pull us down into a low vibration and break down, or we can release the belief and break through.


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