What If You Could Change Your Life Instantly?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Are you satisfied with your life? Your are? Wow, too bad. Being satisfied is the door to a dead-end life; one that is stagnant, without change. You cannot grow in any way, not financially, not creatively, and certainly not spiritually living in your 'comfort zone'. Many of us were brought up in times when being satisfied with what we had was the norm. We were told it was greedy to want more and how better off we were than so many others. I doubt there are many happy 'satisfied' people.

 Most people in the world would change their lives in a heartbeat, if they knew how. People are slaves to jobs they hate and most are broke. They go through each day surviving, but not living, believing that the way they live is all there is. And to top it off we are continually controlled by the media, the oil industry, banks, food companies, the medical community, governments, and the pharmaceutical companies. Is it any wonder why people want something different?

 Even people that are retired, or seem somewhat comfortable with their lives, are not really happy, and deeply long for a change. Satisfied living is not happy living, for many it is the edge of despair. So how do we go about changing things? Change is an ongoing process; it is the only thing in life that is constant. Yet we repeatedly do the same things day after day. If change is ongoing, why is it our lives don't get better?

 It stays the same because we are programmed to repeatedly do the things out of habit. An example of something that changes everyday is our bodies, but we hardly notice it. Every so many years (the time is debatable) we get new bodies, yet they look the same. This is because of our body's cellular memory; every new cell takes on the memory of the cell it replaces. The only way to change that is to reprogram the memory.

 In a similar way, you have memories stored in your unconscious mind that become beliefs. The beliefs become habits that we are programmed to do. Again, the only way to change the habit is to reprogram your mind. While reprogramming cellular memory is somewhat complex, reprogramming your mind is not. It can be done quickly and simply, sometimes in just a few seconds or minutes.

 While you do not have complete control of your body's changes, you do with your mind. Granted there may be subliminal messages everywhere, especially on TV, but you still are in charge of whether you allow this to influence your choices. As I said earlier, what has become habitual, stems from long held beliefs in your unconscious. This is the 'mind' I am referring to that needs reprogramming.

 Your conscious mind is like the operating system in a computer; it runs the programs you install. When an installed program no longer serves you, you uninstall it and put in a newer or different one. When beliefs stored in your unconscious mind no longer serve you, and maybe are actually sabotaging you, it is time to put in a new one.

 How do you know when it is not serving you? Easy; if your life works, that is, things are pretty much going the way you want them to, then they are serving you. If your life is a mess, they are not serving you. Many great thinkers over the centuries have basically told us the same thing change your thinking, change your life.

 While eliminating deeply engrained beliefs may prove a challenge, other ones can be dispensed with by merely noticing them and deciding to let them go. When some things we have written in our computer are no longer of use, we overwrite them with new material. We can do the same with beliefs, by overwriting them with positive affirmations that point us the direction we want to go.

 You can easily establish new habits in the same way you began the old ones do something repeatedly. In my Inner Peace class I help the students create an awareness of their habits, by assigning 'no complaining for 21 days' at the beginning. It is not likely anyone will complete the task, but that is not the point. Becoming aware of complaining is the crux of the assignment. It is only when we are aware of what we are thinking, saying, and doing that we can make changes successfully.

 Living a life that fulfills you and brings joy wherever you go is one lived with passion for what you are doing. It is one where meditation and living spiritual principles becomes a habit. When we do something different every day, especially if it moves us forward, we find newness and something fresh in every moment.

 What is your passion? What one thing can you do today that will change how you live tomorrow? You have infinite choices in every moment. Will you make a choice that serves you and brings peace and joy, or will you fall back into your habits and live within your 'comfort zone'. It is all up to you, and it can change your life in an instant.


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