What Does 'Coming From the Heart' Mean?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 We often hear the phrase 'he/she came from his/her heart'. Have you ever thought about what this really means? It seems to have nothing to do with the physical organ in your body, or does it? Most of us will say that the 'heart' mentioned here has to do with love, and as long as we mean Unconditional Love, this is true.

 People put their hand over their heart to take an oath or to salute a flag, and many other similar acts. These actions do not seem to imply love, but rather, a vow. If this is so, then the heart must take on more meanings for people than that of love.

 Could it be that the physical heart has a bigger purpose than just the pump or circulator of blood in the body? Evidently there is, because science has found a more profound way the heart serves us. According to studies performed, and research obtained, by the Institute of Heartmath, our heart serves us in numerous ways.

  It turns out that your heart has its own intelligence that is more powerful than your brain. The electromagnetic field around the heart is about 60 times the electrical amplitude of the brain. The heart is also the place we receive our intuitive information according to some of the latest findings.

 The heart and brain are connected through their energy fields giving you choices about aspects of your daily life. Do I make the choice from my intellect about this particular situation  or my intuitive heart? Usually, for Western societies, the intellect rules, but many times people will 'listen to their heart'.

 Stress is a major contributor to illness, drug use, smoking, strained relationships, and violence, just to mention a few. I have written about causes of stress in other articles, but its association with coming from the brain rather than the heart is a new consideration.

 Aligning with your heart verses relying on stored data coming from your brain will open new paths to follow as you create your day. There are situations where stored data is necessary to carry on our daily functions, but to live our lives in an open and creative way, we need to rely on our heart connection more.

 The connection the heart has, not just with the brain and the body, but also with how we relate at school, the workplace, and everywhere else is profound. There is coherence with the heart's energy, similar to when I do brainwave entrainment, although not quite the same. Heart rhythm coherence affects how we feel and respond to others, and the effect it has on them. Since peace is what I am about, we can see that a more peaceful state of mind can be had through heart-based living verses intellect-based living.

 So what does all of this mean to you? It means that when you begin to recognize that changing the way you interact with other people, or just life itself, your life will get better. When you begin to focus on your heart instead of your brain, a shift starts to occur on how your interaction is received.

 I began this article mentioning Unconditional Love; your heart is where this love originates in a physical sense. When we focus on our heart, love expands from it and touches all those around us. As a guy, I can verify that when a man looks at women it is one of three ways: sexually, intellectually, or from the heart. When a man wants to know a woman for who she is (heart-based) rather than focusing on her body, a different relationship evolves.

 How does this happen? What is the process to move from intellectual judgment to heart-oriented acceptance? It takes at least two actions: intention and practice. Intention must take place before anything can follow. If I intend to live from my heart instead of my head, then the process can begin. But the intention must be strong and come from a desire held deep within.

 When you arise in the morning, intend that your day will be heart-based. Go with that intention throughout your day as much as possible. Take breaks occasionally and remind yourself of your intention. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, focus on your heart, and feel the energy going from it. Remember the feeling and carry it with you especially when relating to other people.

 Along with the intention of living from your heart, you might also create and state a few affirmations about this action. For example, "I trust my heart and listen to what it tells me." Experiment with coming from your heart verses your head. Play with it and see the difference it brings to yours and others lives. Daily practice is the only way these kinds of changes can take place, so stick with it.

 The information presented in this article is only a thumbnail sketch of the potential experienced by coming from your heart. For in-depth information go to  This site is filled with researched subjects to help you move into a heart-based lifestyle. Spend some time there.

 All of the above can be verified by referring to research papers and other areas of this site at While I am not trying to prove anything, I just want you to be sure that what you are reading is verifiable. The information in all of the articles that I write is verifiable or I would not make the statements I do.

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