Dependence or Independence?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 There seems to be a mindset throughout most societies to depend on someone or something, for their lives to work. Most of us depend on our governments, our religions, our schools and colleges, our friends, and at a young age, our parents. How does this dependency affect us?

 What if your government went broke, as many have already done so while I write this? What if the schools closed, your friends abandoned you, your religion closed its doors, or you parents left their physical bodies? Who and what would you depend on? How would you offset the particular loss?

 Depending on others occurs at many levels. Your job, business, or pension may be your only source of income, but the delivery of your morning paper may be something you could do without. I have read that a possibility of food shortage in the U.S. exists, due somewhat to pesticides killing the bees that pollinate the crops. What if the grocery stores became empty?

 We have relied on someone or something outside of ourselves for too long; it has to change. Our ancestors fended for themselves; they did not have a huge food supply available through stores. The Industrial Revolution killed self-reliance. We have become nations of dependency.

 We are capable of once again being self-reliant in most, if not all, areas of our lives. Of course, we have always been capable; we have just fallen into the trap of depending on others. For example, for the first time in over 20 years, I have created a large vegetable garden, and I started my business so I would not have to rely on my Government pension.

 The above examples only concern 'outside' dependence. Our real dependence, or really, independence, comes from within ourselves. There is another idea I want to bring into the discussion, before I continue, and that is interdependence. Wikipedia says this: "interdependence is a dynamic of being mutually and physically responsible to, and sharing a common set of principles with others. This concept differs distinctly from 'dependence,' which implies that each member of a relationship cannot function or survive apart from one another."

 If we could be interdependent with the governments of our countries, our relationship with them would be much better. This concept would also help our personal relationships tremendously. So we have three similar ideas, but very different in how we use them. While interdependence is preferable to dependence, independence is what I would choose most of the time.

 We create our reality in every moment; no one else creates it for us. Other people play their parts, but we are the ones that set things in motion. From this viewpoint, we are independent; we do not depend on other people. Since we have played the 'dependency' game for so long, it will take time to sort out how powerful we are, and create our lives so they work all of the time.

 How does being independent in a 'dependent world' look? First, you could consider who and what you depend on in the 'outside world'. What could you change easily to gain independence from it? Maybe you need only to change the way you perceive it. Since everything comes from a state-of-mind, this may be the primary thing to change.

 Once you have begun making changes in your mind, you can carry those out to your physical world, and begin changing things there. You will not be able to change everything, especially all at once. Start with little things you could either do without, or accomplish yourself. Depending on other people to carry out actions for you may only lead to them letting you down.

 During a thunderstorm yesterday, we were without electricity for six hours. While that was not a big deal, there were activities we had to curtail. We have a well, so depend on electricity to get water. The food we wanted for dinner was in the refrigerator, which we did not dare open since we had no idea when the electric would return.

 A couple of winters ago, we were without electricity for a day, other people lost theirs for days and weeks. I decided then to begin exploring ways to obtain electricity through other means. I plan on building a solar matrix with backup batteries, as well as a windmill for an additional source. I want at least enough electric power to run my well pump, refrigerator, and back up heater in the winter.

 The above are the kinds of steps we can all take to begin being independent to things in the 'outside world'. The main thing, of course, is to realize that we are already independent as spiritual beings, and only need to step into our power as such. Begin today exploring steps you can take to become physically independent, then Independence Day will have a new meaning for you.


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