Duality, Yin Yang, The World We Live In
by Art Ramsay, PhD

It occurred to me, recently that most people who are “awake” seem to think that they can make the “bad” disappear and the “good” to be always present. While that seems like a great world to live in, it does not exist in this physical reality. Our world is based on duality. An example often given is a coin; there are two sides, heads and tails. You cannot have one without the other on the coin.

Many of my articles have discussed overcoming aspects of our lives that no longer serve us. This may appear to be a way of getting rid of negativity altogether, and just living in an only positive world. What the processes I have spoken of is how to deal with your subconscious belief system (BS), and move past those stored beliefs that cause you to react in a negative way to life. But, “Life” will not change; you will.

An example of trying to change life is like watching a movie. You may not like the characters and so go to the screen and try to change them or the circumstances depicted. Obviously, that is not possible, but what you can change is your response to what is happening on the screen. This is how you move past your subconscious BS.

I have discussed the above idea many times in different ways and on different subjects, but there is another parameter involved. This, of course, is the world we live in and what is involved living a positive life within it. This physical world is a duality; male/female, yin/yang, “right”/”wrong”, and so on. It can be no other way. How we live within it makes the difference.

Most of you have probably seen the yin/yang symbol and know what it means or wonder what it means. Some meanings of yin/yang are light/dark, female/male, water/fire, passive/active, and so on. The symbol may appear in different configurations to pin down the meaning in particular as shown above. But, again, I will point out that it shows a dualistic world.

What does this mean for us? It means that where there is light, there is also darkness. We have daylight and night, which are always present even if not in the same time and place. We can also have a candle glowing in a dark room. It is said that the candle cannot see its own light without the darkness. Think about it. So too can we not function as human bodies without yin and yang.

When we recognize that for every “up” there is a “down”, we begin to accept life just as it is for us. How does this work? For years, I congratulated myself when I actually accomplished something I set out to do, then, wham, it seemed I got knocked down in some way. Ever happen to you? Well, this is the down side of the up.

Seems unfair doesn’t it? But, that is the way it works. It goes back to the “why do bad things happen to good people?” syndrome. It took me a long time to be with this aspect of life. On the other side, when life knocks you down, the “get yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again” motto shows how the opposite scenario works.

It isn’t always so visible. Most of the time, this opposite facet of life goes unnoticed. But do you see an identity problem here? What just happened – is it yin/yang or BS? Does it matter? Yes, I believe it does. If it is BS, then you can seek a way to eliminate the no longer needed belief. If it is yin/yang, you can accept it as “life”.

While this may sound challenging for some of you, but easy for others, play with it for awhile. Since life is a game we are playing, however serious it may appear to us in the moment, we can experiment with our responses and see were it leads us.

Getting back to the question noted above relating to whether the situation is yin/yang or BS; as long as you recognize which one is up for you, it may be only the recognition of one or the other that matters. The whole reason for writing this article is to have you be aware that they both exist, and that recognizing which is which, is a step to freedom.

By the way, the opposite of what you did today may not show up immediately; it could days or weeks later. Makes life most interesting, don’t you think?

 So how do you conduct your life any differently than you have been, knowing about this dualistic world? I suggest that you strive to raise your energy vibration as I have said many times. Know that happiness is a choice and even though the world may seem a dark, dank pit of hell at times, there is always Light. You need only turn your attention toward it.

 Peace be with you always.


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