Are You Eager or Fearful?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

We, as the human race are in the beginning of a shift that has the potential to “fix” every aspect of our lives. On December 21, 2012 the world will experience a profound change that will ease into our lives. Aside from the fear-laden doomsday scenarios that the media have flaunted, the 21st will most likely be quiet.

 Most people do not understand what is happening from a ‘galactic’ standpoint, but it is this activity the earth is moving through right now. The earth’s and our journey has, and will cause some rumblings, but we will get through it together. This period of storms, winds, tornados, and such are the outer displays of the change.

 The real change has more to do with the way you see your life emerging in the coming “Golden Age” or the Age of Aquarius. The stage play and movie Hair was a protest of the Vietnam War, but deep down it was a view of the upcoming ‘new age of Aquarius’. The hippies, protestors, and rock bands set the stage for this upcoming event 50 yeas ago.

 So what does this mean to you? First, it means that when you step into the New Year, your life will begin to see profound changes in the way you live. Do not expect something rapidly changing, but as the months go by you will know something has changed by the way your life goes. Now I am not predicting anything, because that is not what I do. All I am saying is that from what I know about changes coming that the above will most likely occur.

 Most of you have probably heard of the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ due to a ‘wobble’ in earth’s rotation caused by the sun and the moon. If you could put a physical axis through the earth’s plane at the North Pole, you could witness the ‘wobble’. This ‘pole’ points to a different equinox every 2200 years displaying a new zodiac constellation, and takes 26,000 years. You can see some neat You Tube demos on this. Just Google ‘precession of the equinoxes’.

 Do you believe in taking things personally, being attached, complaining, judging, and so on? If you do, then you will have opportunities to clear these ways of pulling you down. You can never be totally happy or fully alive, while you have these encumbrances. You may step into a new ‘world’ as the year progresses.

 I have written many newsletters on the above subjects in different ways to assist you to understand why things go wrong in your life. I have always pointed out that it is not your life that troubles you, but the way you think and react to situations that occur frequently. This hard, physical third dimensional lifestyle has not been gratuitous to us.

 The energy vibrations are getting lighter for those who can feel the difference, and it will continue to change next year. For the first time in years, I am looking toward a new year that will provide income from my books and other services. The writing and coaching business has not been financially rewarding the last few years.

 You might think that I am viewing a ‘pie in the sky’ so to speak, with the ‘forecast’ I have mentioned for the coming year. This may be so or not, it depends on how you view what is happening around you. It is like a cloudy day: you can view the clouds as something preventing the sun from shining, or the possibility for rain so that the land can receive its needed water.

 The Aquarian Age was due to come no matter what else happened. The Piscean Age is essentially over; 2200 years have passed since it started and Jeshua (Jesus) came to begin that Age. The new age of Love is beginning. This is true due to the zodiac cycle whether you believe the other statements earlier.

 So you can look at the beginning of the New Age and a new 26,000 year cycle just as you will for the New Year of 2013. I look at the beginning of the year as brand new like any year, but this one begins a New Age, some call it The Golden Age. Whatever you call it the way it will affect you is the important thing here.

 It is time to get out of your head and move into your heart. There is so much more to learn about our hearts. We have focused too long on our mind. While our ego minds serve a purpose here on this planet, it cannot adequately connect to our Higher Selves or Soul. It takes our heart to make this connection.

 What I have discovered is that I cannot stay in my heart and mind at the same time. If my head is busy thinking, I cannot connect with my heart. So I have learned how to clear my mind and focus on my heart. Actually, when my mind is clear I connect with my heart easily. You can stop the craziness in your mind by using some tactics to do this.

 What I do when I meditate is move my thoughts into a imaginary room and lock the door. It works great most of the time. When I am driving my car and thoughts pop up, I say “stop thinking” and suddenly there is silence. You have got to learn to control you mind or you will not have peace.

 I suggest you meditate everyday focusing on you heart. If you have difficulty meditating, find someone can can help you with that. Although I mentioned several issues that can keep you imprisoned, you need only work on one aspect of your life that bothers you the most. While more pleasant times are coming, you still need to clear out issues to live in your heart.


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