What If You Had Everything You Wanted?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Back in 2009 I wrote an article entitled, What Do You Want? It asked a simple question, but moved deeper into what is really on your mind and why. I have written similar articles since then, building on its premise. For those of you who have been with me for awhile, the foundation of why you would ask that question and what it means in your life have been discussed in many ways.

 It occurred to me recently that we humans are always seeking more, something better, or something different. There seems to be no end to our desires; once we get, or almost get, what we are looking for, we move on to the next thing. Our ego mind can never quench its thirst for more.

 But let’s look at a different slant on this question. What if you already had your deepest desire; what you have been seeking all your life. What then? Would your next step cease to exist? Would you stop looking around the corner to something better? Would you feel satisfied at last?

If you are a human and have not ascended to a higher level of consciousness, your ego mind is still in charge. If your ego mind is still in charge, then the answer to all of the above questions is an emphatic No! Why is it “no”? It is “no” because your desires can never be met as long as you have desires. The only reason you have a desire is because you want something you don’t already have.

 Why do you think multi-millionaires and even billionaires continue to invest and create new income streams? Certainly you would be able to have everything you wanted with a billion dollars. Evidently not, because the ultra rich keep on buying, selling, and creating more ways to make even more money; there is no end!

 Let me explain. It will take a few paragraphs to get to the point, so keep reading. First, there is a principle that basically states “what you see on the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside” or put another way, “what you observe outside of yourself is an out-picturing of what is going on inside of your consciousness”. We are all mirrors for each other. We see our reflections in others.

 These ideas, principles have been presented through many of the articles I have written over the years. Here they take on a different slant, based on your desires. Let’s look at an example. You have wanted a certain car for years, but it was always out of your price range; how about a Porsche 911? You finally swing a deal and now own this prestigious car. How do you feel driving around and showing it off?

 Six months later the joy of having such a vehicle in your garage has worn off. It is getting expensive to drive, and you discover how expensive it will be to maintain. You desires shift. Your twenty year old house doesn’t quite match this expensive car, so now you and your partner go house hunting. Here we go again – needing to satisfy a desire. The “outside” effects only satisfied your internal desires for awhile, and then the next desire set up the outside events to create a new “need” on the outside.

 The above example demonstrates how our ego mind’s need to get more, better, new, and so on added to your life. “But this is just how life works” you exclaim. True. It is how life works as long as your ego mind is running the show. It is insatiable. However, you are not your ego mind. It is the physical world’s aspect of you, your body’s conscious and unconscious mind.

 But you are not your body, nor your mind. You are a spiritual being using the body/mind to live the life you came here to live and grow spiritually through this experience. Your life is far deeper than you can ever imagine through your mind. Your consciousness is a sacred part of all there is, or Oneness.

 You are probably wondering, “If all of the above is true, then how do I stop having desires, and, even more, why should I”. Well, this is the point of the article isn’t it - to move past continuous desires to a fulfilled life without the desires? The following suggestions will get you started. 

  • Stop thinking. BIG step, but by becoming aware of your random thoughts, you begin training your mind to have less of them. It is very demanding at first, but gets easier.
  • Meditate more. If you don’t meditate then begin the process. There are articles in the archives and on the internet that will help get you started. The step above will help in this area.
  • Use mantras and chants to raise your vibration. Raising your vibration from low when you feel down or angry, to higher ones like love can be done both through listening to music, chanting, and other tones. But practicing them yourself is powerful, especially before and when you meditate.
  • Practice journaling. Keep track of your journey about the above through a journal. Write down what fulfills you. Consider why you came here and what your purpose is here on this planet. What step(s) might move your forward to accomplish the suggestions above? And whatever else comes to mind while you are doing these practices.
  • Recognize that you are your soul experiencing itself through your body. This will take awhile, but the more you focus on this point, especially during meditation, the closer it will come.

 Granted what I have suggested are not overnight tasks. They are lifetime actions that will change your focus and consciousness. There is no other way. I don’t mean there are not other ways of getting there, but that knowing who you are as a spiritual being through going deeper and exploring why you are here is critical.

 When you begin creating beauty, joy, love, happiness, and peace as day to day events, you are on the path of ‘awakening’ to who you truly are. The desires will fall away and you will get all that you every wanted without needing to ask. This answers the question above about why “should I” eliminate desires.

 Your clue that you need to begin a practice as suggested above is when the same situations repeat themselves in various ways. It is then that examining your life from the standpoint of what appears on the outside is what you needs changing on the inside. It is time to seriously considering the above suggestions.


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