5 Steps to Find  the Gold
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 When the ‘new Americans’ headed west to explore its unknown treasures, one of things found was gold. At that point in time gold was a rare commodity of great value financially. Of course, it still is valuable, but not to the degree it was in the 18th century. The value we place on something is purely a judgment of what it means to each one of us, and will vary accordingly.

 Besides the physical coin we can hold in our hands, we use the word ‘gold’ as a way to identify areas of our lives that have high value to us. Phrases like “his words were pure gold”, or “this is more valuable than gold”, and so on. The word ‘golden’ has been used in much the same way to describe a person, event, or moment in or lives.

 A ‘golden sunset’ or ‘golden hair’ or ‘golden moment’, are a few examples of how this word is used. The newest use , for me, of ‘golden’ is the forthcoming “Golden Age”. This has been mentioned in literature, music, and the spoken word for decades, and is now upon us in 2012.

 But the gold I want to speak of here has little to do with most of the above, for it comes from within. Of course, the coming of the ‘Golden Age’ aspect has set a precedent for so many seeking the ‘gold within’ at this point in history. Although we have been told to seek wisdom and self-discovery from within for eons, it has become more prominent in the last couple of decades.

 The ‘gold’ within each one of us far surpasses a ton of physical gold in its value to us. Unless you uncover the ‘gold’ within you, the outside stuff is worthless. We tend to begin, end, and carry out actions each day that are only repetitions of the day before. This is because we are living from our ego mind that has been programmed to perform these same functions each day.

The only way we can discover the gold within is to change our mindset and put it on manual rather than automatic. My Toyota Solara has an automatic transmission, but there is a way to use the gearshift that allows me to manually shift gears. In doing this I take back control of the car’s gear shifting mechanism. In a similar way you can take back the control of your life from your automatic ego mindset.

 How do you do that? Below are five steps that will give you access to the ‘gold’ within.

  1. awaken to the idea that you are a spiritual being here on planet earth living through a physical body.
  2. explore why it is important to live from a spiritual perspective rather than a physical one.
  3. once you understand what it means to live each moment as the powerful spiritual being you are, you will begin to see your life in a whole new way.
  4. practice moving from a purely physical lifestyle to one that is overshadowed by your spiritual essence.
  5. uncover the depth of your being (the gold) and live every day from this place.

 Obviously, within each step above are many other steps to complete. If you are reading this article, I would guess that you have already completed some of the above steps. If not, you might want to contemplate where you are in your life right now and what would change by taking the first steps.

 Some of you may already be on step five. If so, I applaud your efforts for the work you have done to get to that place. For those of you who are just beginning or in the middle, the first three steps do not take a lot of effort, because they are about changing your mindset. Once this is accomplished the other steps can begin.

 Step five above is mainly about moving from you head (mind) to your heart. Paying attention to your heart instead of your ego mind changes everything. This is the step that will take you from the noisy mind to the silent heart. It is the step that begins your journey to ‘ascension’ or enlightenment, or whatever word works for you.

 This ‘gold within’ awakens you to who you really are: your ‘higher’ or ‘advanced’ Self; the spiritual essence of the Divine living through you. By focusing on your heart and moving away from your ego mind, a door is opened that you never knew existed. It is like walking out of a violent thunderstorm into a bright blue sky of rainbows.

 I was once was a “regular guy” who worked at a daily job, bought a house, raised a family, went on vacations, and all of the rest of the “American Dream”. Then, 25 years ago I received something in the mail that, after I purchasing and using it, changed my life forever. I began to live life at a whole new level. The person that made this shift a quarter of a century ago is not the same person that is writing this article.

 You, at some point, have or live life in a similar way; so it is not about what you know or who you think you are, it is about recognizing that there may be more for you to explore than you ever thought existed. Until you take that first step, you will never know what is really possible for you. This is what “awakening” is all about; to wake up from the societal ‘dream’ thrust upon you at birth, to who you truly are.

 I am sure that “living life to its fullest” means different things to each one of you, but until you go after the gold, you may never attain whatever it is you seek. Life is not about being wealthy or famous, it is about living in a way that gives you fulfillment by doing the best that you can in whatever it is that you do. It is about fulfilling your dreams and being of service to all of life.


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