What You Focus On, Expands
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 As I have said in past articles, you control the outcomes of every situation in your life. Let me explain. There are laws of the Universe just as there are laws that control our physical world. The law of gravity explains why our bodies do not fly off into space. The law of attraction, a Universal law, explains how things, people, and situations come to us, or leave us.

 You are more than a physical body. Quantum Physics has proven this through many different kinds of tests and techniques. We have become so attuned to the physical laws through physical science that we think that we live our lives based on this notion. Schools have taught physical science for hundreds of years, and that has become the norm.

 What is so different about Universal Laws? These govern how our non-physical selves, call it our mind, produces events in our lives. You might look at it as our thoughts become physical or produce physical results. The physical results are what I am referring to in this article, although nonphysical outcomes also occur.

 The Law of Attraction basically says that what you think about and do most often give you similar results. There are many colloquial sayings relative to this, such as, ‘what goes around, comes around’ or ‘what you put out, comes back’. The one I want to discuss here is ‘what you focus on, expands’.

 When the Law of Attraction first appeared, everyone thought that all you had to do is wish for something, think about it for awhile, and it would manifest. This perception led to failure and disappointment. There are several reasons for this. One is that people went about the process half-heartedly on sort of a ‘hope’ basis.

 Another thing that led to failure is the missing piece that was not mentioned and misconception of the process. The three aspects needed are - focus on what you want with all your heart and mind, do it everyday envisioning the outcome, and take action to bring it about. This last piece is what was missing in most of the discussions about The Secret.

 Now the other part of the process that was never mentioned is what holds back the manifestation no matter how hard you try, even with all three parts. Remember, What You Focus On Expands. This means whether it is what you are attempting to manifest or how rotten your day is and how you hate your job. It has been discovered scientifically that your mind responds to negative input many times more than it does to positive input.

 Therefore, since all of us are surrounded by what could be viewed as ‘negative’, this is what is stored in our unconscious mind and what we respond to. This has to do with what is called the ‘reptilian’ mind; the mind of our ancestors focused on ‘fight or flight’ responses. Now you see why how the Law of Attraction really works. What you hold in you mind over a period of time is what manifest.

 What you focus on Expands. What to do? It may seem obvious that if you only focus on ‘positive’ things you will have a happy life. This may be true to some extent. But our daily lives are anything, but continuously ‘positive’. The trick is in how we respond to whatever occurs. But here we face the old ‘stored beliefs’ thing you have read about during my articles.

 Just as you must reprogram your computer’s hard drive to install a new application, so must you reprogram your unconscious mind. There are many methods to do this, but the easiest I have found is to surround yourself with positive people, stop listening to the media, use some method to produce how you want your life to be, for example listen to subliminal repetitions of what you want, meditate, and become aware of you life.

 The above sounds daunting perhaps, but it is not. It is merely adding a new process each week, or month. I have a sign in my office that says, What I Focus On, Expannnnds. I see it everyday. It is a stark reminder of opening my awareness to what is going on around me.

 Knowing that that the above reminder is real might take some experimenting on your part. You can look around everyday and take note of the events in your daily life (awareness). Concurrently, you can review your thought processes that took place prior or during the event. You will soon see how they correlate.

 Once you have proven to yourself that the statements above relating to your thoughts expanding into physical reality, you can use it to get want you want. So instead of focusing on the ‘crappy’ events in your life, you focus on what you desire and carry this thought process with you wherever you go and for whatever you are doing.

 This article might seem challenging, but the idea and process is really simple. Know that What You Focus On Expands. Keep that in your mind and use it to make your life work the way you want it to. Does it work immediately? No. It takes practice and time, but it will come together the more you do it. It has to. It’s the lawJ


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