Is “The World” For or Against You?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Relating to “the world” in the title, I mean life in general or the life you live; the above term seems to capture the meaning better. Actually, I prefer using the term, Universe, although it has a slightly different context.

 For many years I looked at the world as a difficult place to live in. First, there was gravity pulling things down all of the time, so when I put or tossed an item somewhere, it would fall to the floor/ground if I didn’t complete the action perfectly. Then there was the weather that always interfered or interrupted something I was doing, or wanted to do.

 Even though I worked out and had strong muscles, working with/on any physical item created a challenge and possibility of injury. From the above examples you can see that I felt up against worldly things, and so life was tough. But then I discovered something; it wasn’t “the world” causing my problems, but how I viewed the world.

 When I awakened to a spiritual view of the world and my life, things changed; not instantly, but over time. Of course, those of you who have read my articles know that “spiritual” does not mean religious for me. I followed that path for years before awakening to the understanding of who I am and why I am here.

 For most people that awaken to this kind of spiritual understanding, there are small steps that need to be taken or we find ourselves missing a lot of what is Real. I discovered this important point years after my “awakening” when I found that what I thought I knew was not entirely the way it really is and had to readjust my understanding.

 An illustration of the above is the story of the student that visits his Guru or spiritual teacher one day, and asks to know more so he could to be like his teacher, thinking he had learned enough and was ready. The teacher asks if he would like some more tea. When the student nods, the teach pours more tea until it runs out of the cup and onto the table.

 “Master, what are you doing?” says the student. Then the teacher explains that the mind is like the cup, and can only hold so much. You must empty your mind of what you think you know in order to learn more and move into the thinking of a Master. The student had thought he already knew all he needed to know.

 Most of us on the “spiritual path” reach this point, as did I. But even when you think you have learned all you need to know, the world can still look like an adversary to be conquered. It is only when I reached the point where I knew positively that I create everything in my world and am responsible for this creation that I felt safe and loved in the Universe.

 Each thought and action, and the results of these thoughts and actions, are of our own creation. Now it may seem to most of us that the results of our actions, or life in this world, may not to be always of our own making. This is how I viewed things for most of my life. However, upon close examination we can discover that those results that seemed outside of ourselves were, in fact created by no one or nothing else. Something like a meteor or such falling from the sky may be an exception, but that is a different subject.

 The foregoing discussion is only one part of this article’s subject. The other piece of our creation in the world is whether we perceive it as “good” or “bad”, for or against us. If we created it, how could it be against us? Would we actually create something to hurt or destroy ourselves, or more realistically our bodies?

 Well, I used to think so, and still have that occasional thought, but when I focus on who I am as a spiritual being it is laughable. Why in the world would I do something to hurt or destroy my body? I used to feel that I was experiencing “bad” karma from past lives. While this might be possible, it is not probably when we know who we are as spiritual beings.

 If we view the challenges we have in life as something against us, we need to stop and look at another possibility; is the “challenge” really only an opportunity to see deeper into our being to what it is trying to tell us? Or more correctly, what is our Higher Self or Soul telling us? You could use the word Universe here or even “the world” too.

 Just like our dreams, every consequence or outcome in our lives is giving us a message; one we created for ourselves about unconscious beliefs or one from the Universe. Either way we always being “tested” to move to our next step of learning and understanding.

 Taking all of the foregoing discussion into consideration, what is your view of “the world” or Universe relating to your life? Is it for you or against you? Does it purposely cause you problems or hurt you? Some religions would have you believe so, at least relating to their view of God.

 How you perceive your life is important in how you respond to outcomes created by you or seemingly by someone else. However you view it there is a message waiting to be understood and used in your life. Sit with what I have discussed here and let it soak in, so to speak. It will awaken you to the magnificent and loving Universe you live in.


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