Your Grateful Heart
By Art Ramsay

 When it comes to raising your vibration*, gratitude is a major contributor. A simple “thank you” to another person is all it takes to put a positive spin on your day. There are some people that say appreciation is more meaningful than gratitude, but for me, appreciation offers quite a different response. I don’t know how I would thank someone using appreciation.

 As our human selves we operate from our conscious, or ego mind all of the time. It is only when we begin to come from our heart that we, and others around us, are lifted to a higher level of awareness. It has been found scientifically that our heart has much stronger levels of energy than our mind. It also has more awareness of what is going on within our consciousness.

 The ‘new age’ adage of the longest journey being the 18 inches from our head to our heart puts this in perspective. The Institute of Heartmath ( has studied how we are guided by our heart more often than we know, and when we are lost in our brain, trying to respond to fear, going within helps pull us out of that lost place.

 Coming from your heart in gratitude makes a “thank you” something sacred instead just a response, however meaningful it may be. You must start somewhere, so using thankfulness everyday as much as possible coming from your mind will start you on the gratitude path. The more sincerity sensed by the other person, or people during the expression of a “thank you” the more you come across as caring.

 Heartmath has many techniques to eliminate stress and help you get into a state of peace. One process they recommend, and I have used for years is to breathe in through your heart five times. To do this, focus on your heart area at the center of your chest. Visualize the air flowing into this chest area as you take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment and let out. Repeat four more times.

 You can practice ‘heart breathing’ throughout the day. The main thing you want to assure is that you don’t just casually breathe into your heart. While that is helpful, you cannot sufficiently focus on your heart area while busy doing something else. Putting your hand on your heart is an excellent way to keep your focus there.

 The best way to start the process is to practice while you meditate, or in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Once you are familiar with heart breathing, you can then use it to express gratitude. You will find that it feels more meaningful, and the person you thanked will sense it too.

 Thanking someone for a gift or something they said or did is but one aspect of gratitude. When you live daily with an ‘attitude of gratitude’, your life will change. It has to; any time you flush out negativity and replace it with higher vibrations such as love, peace, or gratitude, a shift will occur.

 Instead of trying to work on several ‘self-improvement’ processes concurrently, focus on just one; in this case, gratitude. This is one reason why reading self-help books and doing the suggested processes, fails to show much improvement. We try to do too many techniques at the same time. Pick one, and focus all of you strength and energy on it. Why I like starting with gratitude is that it is all-encompassing when you practice it.

 For example, it isn’t likely that you would say “thank you” without a smile. As you might already know, smiling is another vibration lifting practice. You use more muscles on your face with a smile than a frown, so it helps you look younger. There are many other ‘side benefits’ from the attitude of gratitude.

 Since your heart is the ‘powerhouse’ of your body, it behooves you to bring it into focus as often as possible. Heart breathing and heart-centered living will create such a change in you daily living habits that you won’t even recognize the ‘old’ you; in fact, why would you want to?

 Visit the Heartmath website and browse. It is full of helpful information plus dozens of free techniques and exercises. You will be amazed at what has been discovered, scientifically, about our bodies, minds, and spiritual growth. Focus on your heart. You cannot go wrong.

 *by vibration, I mean the scientifically measured field of electrical energy surrounding and encompassing your body that affect you emotions and feelings.


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