Harmony or Separation? Your Choice.
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 As I write this, violence, born out of frustration with a government, rocks the world. We have seen this kind of response to powerful control mechanisms set in place by governments and corporations, repeatedly in the last few years. It is becoming more prevalent as we move toward the 2012 end date.

 Tyranny has no place in a harmonious world, but thrives in one of separation. Governments, corporations, religions, and almost everything else is set up in a hierarchical manner; they do not know another way. There are a few areas of life where this is changing, but not at the highest levels.

 So what does this mean for us individually?  While each one of us may recognize that we are unique beings in a world of over six billion, most people have difficulty living harmoniously with each other and the world in general. The idea that is very slowly taking hold is that we are one body of humanity living as unique aspects of this one body.

 To put it another way we are unique facets of a spiritual whole, or Oneness. We are individualized aspects of Spirit, God, The One, or whatever way you want to describe the way you see a Higher Power. Few people of the six billion plus recognize this Truth.

 The separation mindset is that we are all individual bodies with nothing in common to the whole. We pigeonhole our commonality by our religious beliefs, our gender, and our ethnicity. Oneness-thinking recognizes that we are all humans living together on the same planet, sharing food, water, air, and the other resources.  

 Granted Oneness is a difficult idea to perceive by billions of physical bodies living all over the planet, but the indigenous peoples of the world have known this for eons. It is only when we recognize who we are as spiritual beings, that we can also realize we can easily live in harmony.

 Have you ever noted how harmonious a forest is? There are thousands of plants, birds, insects, and animals living within the same environment and territory doing what each does that affects the whole. Each has its uniqueness, as we do, but have no past or biases to consider. They just live in the moment.

 Spiritually-based philosophies such as Science of Mind and A Course In Miracles, teach that separation is the crux of humanities' suffering. A race of people or any living group cannot survive within separation thinking. They will eventually kill each other, each thinking it to be one's way to survive.

 Are we to continue living in a world of separation, or can some of us find our way into Oneness? Can this kind of world even exist? It already does, we just cannot see it due to the brainwashing we have experienced by the media, the governments, the corporations, and most of all, the military establishment. Science has already proven ideas like 'the butterfly effect', 'the mind is not local', 'millions of dimensions' (other than the third dimension), and so on.

 We are the ones who create our lives and only we have the power to change what we create. Most of us live in harmony with something; it might be an animal, or our garden or other plants, or nature in general. We might even be living harmoniously with another person or two, but most likely not continuously.

 We have too much 'baggage' to carry around each day for us to be completely harmonious. But, if we do not begin to embrace harmony and overcome the idea of separation, we are doomed to continue suffering, in whatever way this looks for each of us.

 In order to begin living a more harmonious life, we need to first know when we feel harmonious and with what. You first need to determine what harmony feels like. The place you feel harmony is in your heart. You feel relaxed, even tranquil when in the midst of harmony. Once you have noted what it feels like, you will be able to recognize when it occurs for you.

 Begin to notice when you feel harmonious and when you feel separation. Who or what are you around? What kind of environment is it? What is happening? Did something change to cause disharmony or vice versa? Where does the feeling originate in your body?

 The above is a sampling of questions to ask yourself to determine harmony or not, and what preceded it. This will give you data, so that you can more easily slip into a harmonious state of consciousness and eventually stay there. You cannot create harmony, because it only occurs in the absence of fear-based emotions.

 Disowning your past disempowering beliefs is a giant step toward harmony. Working on one belief at a time will eventually weed out beliefs that no longer serve you. You will recognize a sabotaging belief through your responses and reactions to events in your life. If you take things personally, get angry or depressed easily, have continuous relationships challenges, and always want to be right, you are coming from a belief or beliefs.

 The first step toward Oneness thinking is to accept its basis. Releasing biases and judgments about people in general, different cultures, genders, races, Countries, and economic position, are the next steps. Once again, the foregoing is all about beliefs; clean up your beliefs and you will have a happier life and live in harmony with it.

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