How to Harvest What Is Growing Within
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 The Autumnal Equinox ushers in the autumn season for the northern hemisphere, and brings with it the harvest of food and other summer growth from plants. Our bodies actually conform in some ways to the changes we experience during the changing seasons even thought they might be subtle. Indigenous cultures around the world have used the seasons in living their lives for eons. I also use it as a metaphor for my spiritual growth.

 If we use winter to 'go within' to ask questions or set intentions, or any number of ways to explore where we are and what's up for us next, a 'seed' for that growth is created. In the spring, we 'plant' that seed in our consciousness, feed it, and water it with actions that nurture its growth throughout the spring and summer months. Now we harvest what has grown and put it into action within our lives. While it might appear simple to do what we have always done during nature's seasons, like ordering seeds, planting, growing, and harvesting them, using this as a metaphor may not seem obvious.

 Going back to my reference about our bodies - they adjust to seasonal changes almost unnoticed, and demand in subtle ways changes of their food and liquid intake. We can use the subtle seasonal changes in our bodies and our environment to trigger ways our spiritual growth can take its next step. Since most people reading this might not have started the 'growth cycle' last winter or spring, I will focus on the harvesting aspect of bringing into your physical life some spiritually-oriented desire none-the-less.

 Just because you have not consciously followed the described 'seasonal' method of proactively bringing a desire to harvest, doesn't mean there is not one waiting to come forth. We have within us desires for peace, happiness, love, harmony, and many other innate ways of living our lives to their fullest. The fast-paced lifestyle most people live prevents those desires from becoming known or important; they are clouded by our everyday working and doing.

 It is time to bring forth your dream; to take the first step toward realizing it, whatever it is for you. Most of us don't even consciously know what our dream is; what we want to do with our lives. We live day to day governed by what we have been taught, what the media would have us believe, and the lifestyle we seemed locked into. But we are more than that and it only takes a spark of desire to bring it forth.

 The energy of the harvest brings into a place where we can look within for what is ready to be brought forth at a deeper level perhaps, than other times of the year. First, you need to recognize that there is something you are ready to transform or create, and then determine the mechanism that will work for you. For some, mediation works best, for others, writing, music, dancing, or any number of other ways where we get our busy minds out of the way so we can recognize what is there.

 This activity of harvesting won't happen in a minute (although it could), it may take weeks, months, or longer. The point is to first take a step in the direction you desire, and then examine the results. It may take awhile to even recognize what step is needed and even longer to take the step; or it could appear quickly in a dream of vision. Becoming more aware of what occurs in your life in relation to your desire(s) will help you understand what is waiting to be harvested.

 There are most likely some who are reading this that don't have clue of what the hell I am talking about. After all aren't we just thrown into life by two people coming together to have a kid, and then after we are born life just happens to us? That is what most of the world believes, right? I know that is how it appears, mainly because that is what we have been taught to believe. But when we look beyond appearances, beyond what is not working, to what can be, we see a whole different perspective about our world. By 'our world' I mean the world within, the world we create, not the world "out there."

 Some of you may be living a life that is in turmoil right now; that is the appearance you see. It is what grabs you by the throat and says "look you are a victim, see this proves it". Don't believe it. Our lives naturally follow cycles just like the seasons, just like nature; there ups and there are downs. But we, in some way, create both of them; and actually the 'downs' are what give us the most growth, however hideous it may seem in the moment. The harvest is always ready to be brought forth, but it may take a lot of inner work to see it.

 A person I used to mentor, and still do to some extent, needed a change, a new job, and so moved to a big city in the Northeast to take what looked like a dream job. After a couple of months she hated working with the people she worked with, hated the city and the people around her, and hated the weather. She then decided to go back home where she hadn't lived for many years, to parents who seemed not to care. As I write this she is ready to move into a dream apartment (for her) and close to landing her dream job. She went through hell for months leaving a place she loved, for a place unknown, and avoiding the place she grew up. Now she is back there on the other side of the door she would have never walked through had she not had the hellish experience first.

 We can all look back on experiences like that - going through pain we wouldn't have wished on our worst 'enemy' to come out the other side better off for having gone through it. Harvesting may look like that to some of you; that is why we put it off. Don't do it, don't put it off any longer. It is time energetically in the universe, in our world, in each of our lives, to step into the life we really, deep down, know we want to live.

 Search. Meditate. Dream. Push away from the shore and begin an awesome ride down the river of life and self discovery. You deserve it.


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