What Is Your Highest Vision?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 A vision is what someone has for what could be, either in that person's life or a community, or of the world. It could be defined in written words, pictures, graphics, or the spoken word. A vision may come instantly or after meditation, or in a dream. Usually a vision is something that is sought, and does not just come out of nowhere.

 You could relate a vision to a dream you have held for a career, for example. But while a dream usually has no definite detailed description or boundaries, a vision gets very specific. Many visions come through a group visioning process, maybe for an organization or company, as to where it is going when it changes into something different.

 Many of us have a vision of ours, or maybe our children's future. If we are passionate about some aspect of our lives that we want to see blossom into something significant, then we can envision its outcome. But what might this look like? It is a process, not just a picture in our mind.

 The world has been waiting for people that hold visions such as love, peace, and harmony, for a very long time. While some have held this kind of vision for decades or even centuries, not enough of us have held it high in our minds to make it real. This kind of vision is across all humanity, not for just one person or organization.

 A group visioning process might look like this - What would your community be like if you had the power to make it any way you wanted? Where would people live? Where would they work? How would they get to their schools and workplaces? What kind of a house would you live in? Where would you shop? How would you get there? What kind of energy would be used for heating? How would the air, water, and environment be kept clean? And so on.

 A personal visioning process might resemble the above, but contain your own desires for a particular outcome. For example, if you created a vision for your 'perfect' career, you would begin by asking what it would look like or feel like. What kind of organization would it likely be? What kind of geographic location might it be located? And so on. Each question would be asked alone, and then you would seek a vision of possibilities relating to it.

 What I would call a 'single vision picture' is when you have a dream or meditation, where you see yourself being and doing what you would want to vision about. In this 'single vision', you are working in your 'perfect career' and experience it through all of your senses. When this happens, as soon as possible, get to a place where you can record as much of the 'picture' as possible, because you will need the pieces to put back together as you begin an in-depth look at the vision.

 Some people are able to vision through writing in a journal using 'stream of consciousness' or just asking each question, and then waiting for an answer. Using this technique, you now can both picture in your mind and write about it concurrently. This technique can be used over several days or weeks, because you have a continuous record of the events.

 What is your vision, for yourself, for the world? Do you see yourself as doing something that lifts you out of the 'ordinary' into the extraordinary? Do you even have a vision, or want one? If not, perhaps it is time for you to consider what, out of infinite possibilities, you would like to see your future hold. The world is changing rapidly, and 'behind the scenes', apart from what the media would have us embrace, something extraordinary is unfolding in peoples lives.

 People are beginning to see themselves as something more than they have ever imagined they could be. They are taking steps toward a future, their future, that promises great things, for it is what they are creating for themselves. For many, it is what they came here (to earth) to do. We are beginning to remember who we are, and that there is connectedness, oneness of all of life.

 Those of you who are reading this article have chosen, in some way, to be a part of this remembering; to awaken to something greater within. You have a vision of something bigger, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Personal visioning can happen in a day, but it usually takes much longer to work the process and get a clear view of what is there for you.

 Once you have a clear vision of your life in whatever way you choose to use the process, you can then take steps to bring its outcome into physical expression. As time goes by, life changes, and you might be ready for a new vision, or at least a modification of your previous one. Why? Because life changes. But did you not say that I should vision regarding what I came here to do? You might ask. Yes I did. But life changes and you might unveil a new aspect of your purpose. Maybe you are to do what you received the first time in steps.

 The world needs you. It needs your vision. Even if you do not consider that 'the world' really needs your vision, you certainly will benefit yourself, and therefore those around you, by doing the process. You might surprise yourself. What excellence lies within that you have never considered? No one but you need ever know what comes out of your visioning. But since we are all connected, the rest of us will pick it up through our interactions with you.

 What is you vision? What is the one thing you have held back all of your life? What is it that if you had more money, a better education, a skill for it, the 'right' gender, you were younger, older, and so on? There is something within to be discovered. You just need to take that one step toward revealing it, and it will come to you.

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