“I Love You”; Enough Said?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 We can say this many times, but saying it has little meaning; they are just words. We must not only feel it within, but know what it means within. We cannot know something until we experience it. What does this mean? There is only Love; by love with a capital “L” I mean Unconditional Love or Divine Love. The Universe, all of life is filled with Love. It is beyond description and is not an emotion.

 You must experience Love to know what it is. This is not an easy task for most people; there are few people in the world that experience Love once they get past infancy. This may be a bold statement and you probably wondering why I would say this. Well, mainly to get your attention.

 You see, most of us believe we feel and mean the words when we say “I love you”; but do we really? Most of us live in our head; it is the director of our day. Love cannot reside in the head; it can only live in the heart. Here is where Love must originate.

 There have been thousands of songs written about love. How many came from the writer’s heart? Most love songs are about romantic love, which is not Love at all, but infatuation. It then becomes an attachment, which leads to pain when a relationship ends.

 An article I wrote about love in 2010 spoke of the song The Rose and how it describes romantic love through most of its words. The two parts of the song that go deeper is “I say love it is a flower and you its only seed” and “Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow is the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose”.

 Notice how the word “seed” is referenced in both passages above. I know that I probably could find many other songs that would speak to the deeper meaning of love, but you can see from the above what I mean. In my articles relating to the Winter Solstice I speak of planting a seed of intention for the coming year, so “seed” has the meaning of love within growing to become the “flower”.

 Now it gets tricky. How does something that already exists “grow”? Here, meaning Love. I believe that this “seed” of Divine Love exists in every heart; it just needs to be nurtured. What do you think drives people to help during disasters? It is the seed within that is sparked by sensing someone else in need. Of course, in most cases, people return to their lives after helping out and may not feel that spark. But it, most likely, has “grown”.

 There are many relationships that start with romantic love and, with much nurturing, evolve into Unconditional Love. Longevity may or may not be a key to whether romantic love still exists in a relationship or if it has blossomed into Love. There are many marriages where a couple stays together “for the kids” and then when their offspring have left, they get divorced.

 In marriages/partnerships that move way beyond grown children leaving, you can be pretty sure there is Unconditional Love there. I have been married for over 50 years, and while there were times when I would not have guessed Love was there, it obviously is; although I am not sure I was consciously aware of it until ten or twelve years ago.

 One of the facets of feeling Love is to say the words of this article’s title (I love you) to another person (your partner?) often. When you say these words everyday or several times a week, you will “grow” the seed planted in your heart by your Creator. We can sometimes be conscious of Love in our hearts early in life, but often, like most spiritual practice, it takes awhile for it to be recognized.

 The most important person you need to say these words to is you. Let me repeat that. You need to say “I love you” several times a day to YOU. Look in the mirror and into your eyes and say “I love you” and mean it. For many of you it may be difficult or even seem ridiculous, but if you are to have Unconditional Love in your life for all of life it is critical.

 The above paragraphs may have seemed to develop into a relationship treatise, and this is true, because the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourSelf; the Divine Expression of who you are. Since there is only One and you are an aspect of this Oneness, saying “I love you” to you is the same as saying it to God, the Divine.

 Unconditional Love means that there is nothing that could ever change the Love between you and whoever your Love is expressed, no matter what occurs. It is enduring and everlasting. Look at your life today between you and yourself, you and your partner/spouse, you and your children, you and your friends, and anyone else in your life. How deep are these relationships or even one relationship?

 As I said in the beginning – there is only Love. We just need to step up to it and recognize its presence in our lives. Are you ready to take that step? Are ready to recognize the Love that already exists and maybe has been overlooked or taken for granted? Step into the Love that already exists everywhere; it is time.


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