Inner Peace - How To Experience Its Profound Nature
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 In many of my articles I have discussed peace and inner peace. Some of them are: Seven Steps to Inner Peace (2009), What Is Peace, Really? (2010), How To Live A Life of Peace (2012), Experiencing Peace (2012), Got Peace? The World Is Waiting (2014), and there are others where peace is discussed during the article.

 You would think that I have exhausted discussions about peace. However, since there is more than one above, there must be more to the story, so to speak. Many of the great philosophers and spiritual masters have spoken of inner peace.

 You could think of the journey to inner peace as one up a mountain, such as Mount Everest. There have been numerous attempts of reaching the peak, but few have attained that mastery. I like to think of quotes from great philosophers and master teachers, and the previous articles as preparation for reaching say, two-thirds to three-quarters of the way up the mountain..

 We have been given hints as to what Real peace is all about throughout the ages. In the Christian Bible, the Master Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) spoke a lot regarding peace, such as “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. Not as the world gives. (But) A peace that passes all understanding.” Throughout A Course In Miracles  peace is spoken of relating to many of the topics discussed.

In The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, that I absorbed and then taught a three month class about, we are led through many lessons that take us through three steps – Illumined Mind, Awakened Heart, and Realized Soul. It is this discourse that I want to focus on here. If we are to reach the summit or peak, we must prepare ourselves for this journey, just as those have done to reach the top of Mount Everest.


  1. Illumined Mind is what most of us have been preparing for the past few years, for me, decades. The articles mentioned above give you direction for opening your mind to what is beyond the physical world and the choices you make on a daily basis. The articles have shown how your sub-conscious mind stores beliefs you have learned over the years, and how they have misled you through life.

Some articles gave you steps toward overcoming/moving beyond these stored beliefs that no longer serve you, to a new understanding of who you are and why you are here. I wanted to help you find ways to change your mind so that you could move into a new way of being.

The steps you have taken through suggestions in the mentioned articles have refocused the way you see the world. The importance to you of this change hopefully was apparent in the articles. If not, perhaps it would be a great help to reread/read them now.

  1. Awakened Heart appeared in several articles that can be found looking for the word heart in the title; mostly in the last three years. I used the New Age phase, the longest journey: moving from our head to our heart as a beginning to many of the “heart” articles. This journey is truly one of the hardest transitions we Western Society members will ever make.

I discussed several ways of making this change in your life in these articles. One suggestion was that you connect with Heartmath to view their website and download some of the very helpful exercises they offer for free. You may want to read/reread some of these articles to get a start on your heart connection.

You can also visit a book seller such as Amazon to buy a Kindle book or two about opening your heart. Focusing on your heart area, especially while doing even a short meditation will bring you a profound experience. Even greater clarity and heartfelt experience can be had by focusing on your heart area, while engage in other activities.

  1. Realized Soul is the path to true inner peace, although Awakened Heart will certainly get you very close to your objective. This is the profound realization of who you truly are. Here, like the other processes discussed above, going within is necessary, only more so. In fact, it is absolutely required.

 Going within is empting your mind so that you can experience that “still, small voice” as I mentioned in other articles. The last part of the article in the October 21, 2014 Newsletter discusses “going within” in some detail.

 You must empty yourself to be full. This may sound Zen, but it is required. Without doing it the noise in your head will drown out any chance of experiencing your True Self, or whatever name you use for your higher beingness. This takes practice and dedication, but you will never be the same through this experience.

 The above is but a glimpse of the process of experiencing true inner peace. Do you have to complete all I have suggested you do? No, because you will never really complete the last item, due to its ongoing process as you reach for each higher state of mind and heart awareness. Our journey to self-discovery and Oneness never ends for we are eternal beings of love and light.

 I suggest you spend some time on this article. Read it slowly and read some of the past articles I listed. This may be the most important article for you to read at this time in your life. The world has changed and will continue to change, and if you are to be happy within it, you must change as well.

If you are interested in my expanding the above three areas to give you more ways to practice these ideas, send me an email via the 1,2, 3 rating below and a short note or even “yes” within it.

Peace be with you, Art


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