Is Love the Answer?
By Art Ramsay

 Every February 14th, most of the Western world celebrates Valentine's day. While it seems to commemorate St. Valentine, of which there are many in Greek and Roman history, it is actually just made up. Wikipedia says it this way: "The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished."

 Note the reference to 'romantic love' in the comment above. Is this the 'love' that "makes the world go 'round"? So it would seem. Romantic love, of course, is superficial and fleeting, as most people discover all too late in their relationships. But it does have many 'virtues'. For example, it feels good; it is sensuous, it is erotic, it gives pleasure. But it also has many 'vices'; it leads to 'heartbreak', it can result in rage, hatred, and even murder or suicide.

 Popular songs speak of love as if it has its own personality. "It cuts like a knife", or " ... it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed', and so on. Also "love is for a lifetime", or "Always on my mind". But the one I like the most is from The Rose: "I say love it is a flower and you its only seed". Of course, this last description is not about romantic love at all, is it?

 What would the world do without romantic love? Would people still 'fall in love' and get married? Would all of the 'fall out' of unanswered love end? Would people just act neutral in relationships? It seems that the world needs romantic love to be as it is today; or does it?

 Suppose that instead of romantic love being the emotion that sets up a serious relationship, Divine or Unconditional Love took its place? Certainly, you would agree that romantic love demands conditions in order to take place. What if there were no predetermined conditions for a relationship to work? What if two people could see each other for who they really are and move into an unconditional love relationship?

 Now I know that in a 'love at first sight' type of romantic love relationship, there are probably no conditions at first. But if the relationship continues, there will be. There have been a few science fiction movies over the years that have shown a somewhat neutral society. That is, love was absent. For you 'trekkies', remember Spoke was from a planet that had no emotions; completely neutral. Can you imagine living in a neutral world?

 Emotions are part of what makes us human. Without them, what are we? I view romantic love as an emotion, so without emotions, there would be no romantic love. So the world as we know it would not exist. We would live in a somewhat sterile world just as some of the sci fi movies have shown. Does that appeal to you? It does not appeal to me in my present state of consciousness as a human.

 But, suppose Unconditional Love replaced our emotions. What then? Could we still be neutral? What does neutral mean here? It merely means that no one judges anything; that people see things as they are, not as they perceive them. It means that no one has beliefs, because beliefs are what feed our emotions and judgments. Instead of emotions that separate us, Unconditional Love brings us together. We do not need beliefs, emotions, or judgments. How would that feel?

 Of course, no human can know what it would feel like to be in the consciousness of Divine Love all of the time. We may have caught a glimpse of it from time to time, but not on a regular basis. While we are surrounded, immersed in Divine Love all of the time, we just have not gotten to a place in which we are aware of it. Becoming aware of this Love is our destiny from a state-of-being perspective.

 But where are we now with reference to love? We all are not in a state of romantic love, nor Unconditional Love all of the time. We are somewhere in between. What do we call this state of being? Is there such a thing as 'human love' outside of the structure of romantic love? After all, a mother's love for her child certainly approaches Unconditional Love; at least deep within.

 If I look at this question from the perspective of some of the various lifestyles that exist today, I might maintain that love is absent in many areas of life. I have witnessed some aspects of humans that seem very far from any kind of love. Separation is so prevalent that it is almost the mainstay of modern life. People's disregard for animals, fellow humans, nature, and the environment, points to something other than love.

 On the other hand, when disaster strikes, people reach out to one another and give of themselves to help. Certainly, we can call this love, but where does it fit in the aforementioned 'realms' of Love? I would put it in the unconditional love realm. It is something deep within that calls us to compassion and giving.

  So is Love the answer to life? From a quantum physics view, everything is energy vibrating at an infinite number of frequencies, and if we call this energy Love, then we are immersed in Love continuously. The only way I know of sensing this energy, or Love, is by awareness of my feelings of it.

 Sit quietly, close your eyes, and focus on your heart area. Follow your breath and notice how you feel. With practice you will notice a light feeling emanating from your heart and moving through your body. You may notice a feeling at the base of your spin (root chakra) that is similar to an orgasm. You can move it up your spine toward the top of your head and feel this sensation throughout your body.

 The above exercise demonstrates the Love I referred to earlier, although as a tiny fraction of its pure essence. This is the Love that we cannot live without. This is the Love that is the answer to life itself. What I called human love earlier may be the tip of the iceberg of Divine Love. We need only be aware of what is already surrounding us.


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