Judging; The Awareness Killer
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Awareness is the key to spiritual growth; or any growth for that matter. You cannot correct what you are not aware of. But opening your awareness to a point where you can recognize what is working and what is not takes practice. You must remove or push past the elements of your consciousness that prevent your full awareness of what is.

These elements are many due to the affect your belief system has on your daily life. It is like using either fertilizer or weed killer on your grass; one makes your grass stronger, the other could make it weaker or kill it altogether. Your beliefs fuel what drives your responses to life; they may help, bust mostly hinder.

You move past the belief cycle by opening your awareness of how you respond to life. As you become aware of what drives your response to things that happen, you are better able to take actions to remove the cause of the unwanted response. This is fundamental and I have written many articles that speak to these actions.

Judgment is a taught response. Did you judge things or people when you were born or an infant? Of course not. You learn how to judge as you grow into adulthood. Judging is what our ego-mind does best, because it comes from the ‘reptilian’ mind of ‘fight or flight’; keeping us safe.

Just as we need our ego-mind to do things like drive a car, we need it to do other physically-oriented things in our lives. But that is where its use ends, and is a small part of what we need to live a full life here on planet earth. Judgment of everything else is unneeded and unwanted.

Judgment causes separation, alienation, confrontation, conflict, blame, and complaining. It is the ego’s main job – to judge everything. You may ask, ‘don’t we need judgment to make decisions, to choose partners, and a host of other things that come up in our lives?’ Not really. You can trust your intuition to lead you safely through these aspects of your life.

Remember, the ego-mind is based on beliefs learned from other people over your lifetime. The only way to make a choice (not decision) that serves you is through your own thought process using intuition or contemplation. Your awareness in the process that brought you to the point of making a choice serves your choice-making as well.

Why do I call judging an awareness killer? Because it is solely based on the ego-mind and your belief system. When you are fully engrossed with what your ego-mind is telling you, all awareness lays silent and is ignored. Awareness is your life-blood; without it, you die figuratively and literally.

We must learn to open our awareness, while closing down judgment. How do we do that? Stop judging everything, which will help you stop complaining, or do the reverse; whatever works. This sounds like a big project, but it can be done in steps. Try this:

·         Start working with your thoughts; stop them however you can a few at a time. They are the source of your judgments; it is hard to judge without thinking.

·         Start catching your complaints; within them are your judgments

·         Catch your judgments and identify their source

·         Do each of the above as they come along. Take notes if needed. Slowly you will weed out what drives your judgments and complaints

While practicing the above you will also be opening your awareness. It takes time, dedication, and awareness to successfully eliminate judging. What I practice is being an observer, just observing what is around me and forming no thoughts, nor judgments. Is it easy? No, but it sure is helping me think less, live more in my heart, and fewer judgments.

You might think that the ‘game of life’ is stacked against you; it sure seems that way. I often see it that way. But we are the controllers of our lives, the directors of this ‘movie’ we are in. As I said before, it takes dedication and practice as does anything you want to learn and be successful with. Just like learning to play a musical instrument, ski, drive a car, or ride a bicycle.

We need to first determine where our life is working and where it is not. It is the “where it is not” part that needs attention. But even if all you do is stop the thoughts, the rest will either be easier or just full into place. Try what I have suggested. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Quit being a slave to your thoughts. You must quiet your mind to meditate or even contemplate. You cannot go within while your mind is buzzing with thoughts. Even for the idea that thoughts create things, having less of them is beneficial, since most of our thoughts are about things we don’t want.


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