How To Live A Life of Peace
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Peace is a word used for centuries with different meanings over that time, or so it would seem. The meaning of peace as I discuss it here may be obvious to those of you who have read my articles for awhile. But for those of you who are new, let me speak to this meaning for a moment.

 Peace, as I speak of it is a deep inner feeling that let’s everything just be. It is a feeling that looks at whatever comes forth in your life with a knowing that all is well. It is a feeling of acceptance. This is how I choose to live my life even though every moment may not reflect it perfectly.

 As I write this, we are in the first few months of 2012; a year that has been, and promises to be a year of turbulence inward and outward for all of us. I certainly have been feeling it in many ways as I am sure most of you have. Even if we manage to live a peaceful, or near peaceful, life most of the time, it will be severally challenged this year.

 How do we cope with this difference, this newness, these radical changes? One word that comes to mind is perseverance, but I think for this subject it is not enough; we want to understand and then eliminate the feelings, not prolong them. One practice is not enough, we need a process that takes us through the changing ‘energy’ and resulting feelings.

 If you have read, or know about Dr. David R. Hawkins’ study of “energy field of consciousness’, you know that Peace has a vibration of 600; pretty high on a scale of 0 – 1000. Of course, the vibrations vary with each of us day to day, moment by moment. The idea is to keep our vibrations as high as possible and as long as possible, for each of us.

 What makes our vibrations change is how we view and respond to what is happening around us. Our responses are determined mostly by the beliefs we hold relating to the event. Those of you who have read my articles know about our belief system. For those who haven’t, there are a number of articles in the Archives that deal with beliefs.

 So is this article about beliefs? Well, no, but when our beliefs are the determining factor in all that we do, they surely must be mentioned. Working on beliefs is an ongoing process if we are to reach and hold the Peace vibration. But in order to at least reach this lofty point even momentarily, we must eliminate the issues that keep us stuck.

 So what is a process to peace? By both eliminating some current ways of thinking and responding, and embracing others. For example, eliminate judgment and complaining, and embrace gratitude. We cannot be at peace and complain. We cannot be at peace when we separate ourselves from others, by judging who they are

 We can be at peace through gratitude, seeing each person we meet as God expressing through that person. We can be at peace by smiling, laughing, and hugging. We can be at peace by serving others in whatever way we are called to do that service.

 We have come here for a purpose even though most of us do not realize this idea. When you enjoy what you are doing, like my writing this article, then you are closer to discovering your passion and why you came here. This is worth repeating. You must discover what you are passionate about, and then take steps to do it often.

 So what are steps to Peace? Notice I did not say “the” steps, because there are many in a variety of ways. The following are suggested ‘broad’ or macro steps.

  • Say “thank you” often; especially to other people
  • Smile, laugh, hug someone
  • Pay attention to what upsets you; keep tract, write it down
  • Notice when you judge people and note it so you can stop
  • Become aware of complaining and catch yourself the next time
  • Love yourself

 The above need not be done simultaneously, but serves as a list of things to begin practicing. We fail to live peaceful lives, because we have too many beliefs keeping us locked in a never-ending need to be separate and always right. By recognizing that we are One unified field expressing God, or whatever you call your Higher Power, in our own unique way, we begin to emerge from the belief that we are separate.

 To do this takes practice. What are you willing to do to leave a life of disappointment, frustration, lack, and a thousand other ways we beat ourselves up every day? When will you leave your ‘comfort zone’ and emerge into the Allness of One?


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