Listen To Your Heart
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 The words ‘listen to your heart’ have been used for songs, books, movies, and other forms of literate communication. The meaning of this phrase, while having many nuances, is about how you feel regarding some choice when responding to something or someone. It is the feeling, or intuitive notion that comes from your heart rather than your brain that moves you forward.

 Just as the word ‘love’ has taken on many connotations and meanings over the years, so has references to the word ‘heart’. To we humans the heart is the most important organ in our bodies; without it, we die. But our heart has even more significance than that of a pump for out blood. While the brain has been studied for years, science is just getting into examining the heart relative to its use beyond pumping blood.

 While I have mentioned the heart in other articles, I want to go into more depth here. We have been focusing on using our brain, especially brainwaves, to further our spiritual awakening, and have forgotten the importance of our heart. If you have been a member of Inner Peace and Wisdom Newsletter for long, you will note that I have directed my attention on the brain; it is time for a change.

 How is it that phrases like ‘listen to your heart, ‘follow your heart’, ‘it is heartfelt’, ‘broke my heart’, ‘listen with an open heart’, and such have emerged over the years? People have always known that the heart is the center of our being, at least intuitively. Science has measured ‘heart waves’ and found them thousands of times more powerful than brainwaves.

 When we meditate we quiet our mind so we can get answers or information in the silence. But what if quieting our mind merely opens the door for our heart to communicate with us? What if the peaceful feeling we get when meditating is our heart speaking to us? We have all heard that we only use one tenth of our brain (due to having only two strands of DNA instead of twelve or more). But what if it is our heart that is hardly being used?

 The Institute of Heartmath,, has both scientifically and ‘spiritually’ conducted studies of heart waves since 1991. The organization is globally recognized and has ongoing studies and programs relative to heart waves. Out of this one source of heart information and processes has grown a worldwide recognition of the importance of our heart. One Heartmath’s subjects is heart coherence. The Quick Coherence Technique can be used by going to:

 How can we tell if we are ‘in our heart’ or ‘in our brain’? Easy. If you feel anxious, unsure, angry, afraid, and other such emotions, you are in your brain. If you feel relaxed, happy, loving, peaceful, grateful, and such, you are in your heart. It has been said the longest journey is the 18 inches from your head to your heart, because our brain is where we are most of the time. It is where we, in our Western societies have been taught to focus; the brain has thought be our center and source of power. Reminds me have how, in the Middle Ages, humans thought that the Earth was the center of the universe (actually the galaxy) rather than the sun.

 Have you ever wrestled with trying to make a decision about something important in your life and gotten a headache in the process? I have. Although I do not make ‘decisions’ anymore, instead I choose what will work best for me in the moment. But anyway, relaxing into your heart instead of battling with your brain, will cause the ‘right’ choice to be made every time. It is that simple.

 I have mentioned in other articles how being in harmony with all of life gives us a feeling of Oneness (more on this in a future article). It is our heart that brings this about. An harmonious feeling is similar to the coherence I spoke of earlier. So that practicing heart coherence will help bring about harmony and a feeling of Oncness.

 So other than the Heart Coherence practices and such from Heartmath, what else can we do to put more attention on our heart? One way is to recognize when you are staying in your brain and causing unwanted feelings. You can immediately put your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths focusing them into your heart.

 With your hand over your heart, breathe in slowly and visualize Devine Love or the Breath of God entering your heart. Like the coherence technique, the above will take you into your heart and out of your head. Practice focusing on your heart during the day as often as possible.

 I have a CD that I purchase from a company called Clear Mind. It is astounding how it pulls me into my heart (as long as I stay clear and keep out of my head). I have been using the CD for a couple of weeks, although not as much as I would like to. I have felt much more peaceful and clear after listening to it.

 We are entering into a new era as you all know if you have been reading my newsletter. Other techniques and information will continue to come forth about using our heart more and brains less. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned in to the Internet for heart revelations as I am sure they will surface. I will keep you posted.


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