The New Paradigm; Part 2
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Having given the foundation of what follows in Part 1 of this subject, I suggest the reader get familiar with its precepts before proceeding. If you have read the first article or are acquainted with The Law of Attraction and similar principles, then read on. Colleague

 It is said in A Course In Miracles (a conceptual document about how ‘the world’ is rather than how it appears) that there is only Love and Fear in this life we live on planet Earth. These words are capitalized because they represent everything in life that we experience, which falls under one or the other. Love defined here is Divine Love, unconditional love, the highest vibration we can experience, which would include peace, happiness, joy, harmony, and compassion, while Fear would include low vibrations of hate, resentment, guilt, anger, and a long list of similar ways of experiencing life.

 Even though the human race has chosen to experience the Fear aspect of life for the past few millennia, things are changing. Just as the Earth has gone through cycles of change over eons of time, so does the energy of the universe. Because of these energetic changes, human consciousness shifts as well. Divine Love (God, Spirit, Mind, whatever name you want to give it) is all that there is, and is really all we experience. However, for eons humans have chosen to ignore that Love and live in a world of Fear. Why? I don’t know; there are many ideas about it and I don’t chose to explore them in this article. I will just acknowledge that these shifts happen periodically and let it go at that.

 Because these shifts do happen, and since humans are now on the planet, we most likely will experience the next one. That next shift is upon us and is slowly changing the way humans experience the world. Some say that the human race is awakening from a long dream and is becoming aware of the Love that is all around us. When that happens, when Love becomes our focus, Fear moves out of our lives. While the two may live side by side in our psyche for awhile, Love will eventually replace Fear, because it was here all along.

 Ancient and modern day indigenous cultures such as the Native Americans and Australian Aborigines, have known about these cycles and energetic changes that occur for eons. Many of these cultures have predicted the changes that are beginning to occur, and a major change after the year 2012. Some religions have predicted a change as well, like Christianity’s Armageddon or the Rapture. While most of the predictions focus on earth changes, they also are certain that life as we know it now will radically change.

 So what does all this have to do with inner peace and Part 1 of this title? Since the human race has lived in Fear for so long and not allowed itself to experience Love, this change will reverse that experience. When we move away from Fear and toward Love, everything changes. In Part 1, we explored ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ thinking and how this affects our daily lives. When we live from a foundation of Fear, we have more ‘negative’ experiences than ‘positive’, and the reverse is true living from a foundation of Love. Therefore, moving into the energy of Love and out of Fear, begins an evolution from hate, resentment, guilt, and such, to joy, happiness, and peace.

 I hear you saying, “this guy is full of it, just look at the miserable mess this world is in; and getting worst everyday.” And I would agree with that observation. But where have you gotten the information that would support that premise? Most likely came from the Media, since that is the source of worldly information these days. And what does the Media support? I think we all know it supports gloom and doom, and what is wrong with the world. Be aware that we are at the mercy of reporters, sensationalists, news managers, and such that will do anything to sell their product quicker than their competition.

 Unless you actually experience something, you cannot know it to be true. Even if you have flown around the world, stopped at dozens of places, and seen what looks like starvation, troops at war, genocide, and such you have only glimpsed at what is out there. Did you see people helping people build or rebuild schools, villages, homes, communities, or teaching people to read, to communicate, to change their lives in many ways for the better? You see what you look for.

 Over the past couple of decades, I have seen and experienced a dramatic shift in human consciousness. For example, twenty years ago there was a handful of self-help books and authors; today there are millions. A decade ago few media would dare to risk reporting anything about spirituality, and today Oprah is helping to move spiritual ideas into mainstream America. The Internet is flooded with websites that offer help to people who want to change their chaotic lives to ones of peace and harmony.

 As I have evolved consciously, I have watched the rest of the world evolve as well. Since my first ‘awakening’ in 1988, I have moved from a mostly controlling, pessimistic, critical person, to one of mostly love, compassion, peace, and harmony. Have I just floated along a river of change and gone with the flow to make this change? Emphatically, No! I have put much time and effort into this evolvement. But I never would have bothered had the world around me not begun its transformation as well.

 Having made, and am still making, changes in the way I live and experience the world, I am now ready to offer the skills I have learned to help others do the same if they so chose. The new Paradigm is calling me to step up and do my part to bring a world that has lived in Fear for so long, into an experience of Love. I invite you to look within yourself and see where you are with all of this. What has changed in your life? How is it different now than a decade ago? What are you longing for? Sit with these ideas for awhile and see where they lead you.

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