The New Paradigm; Part 1
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 For many the world seems pretty much the same and for others it has gotten considerably worst, and it is true for both. The world is as we perceive it even though the aforementioned groups cannot believe such a statement. The rest of us, and we are few, see a world that is rapidly evolving into something new. The ancient mysteries are becoming modern-day mysteries, and some are revealing their secrets. This article is written for the six billion that don’t see it that way.

 As the human race evolves, ancient wisdom is becoming known and revealed by millions of people. What do I mean by “ancient wisdom”? It is the principles from which all of life lives; just as the physical principle called gravity keeps everything attached to the earth, universal, or spiritual, principles govern how life is lived. While not all ‘ancient wisdom’ is limited to principles, for the purpose of this article I will address only how universal principles work in our lives.

 Most of us have heard sayings like “what goes around, comes around”, or that we have “bad karma”. But what does that mean, really? While what drives these sayings can now be shown scientifically using quantum physics, I want to keep it simple, even if less believable for those who rely on science to verify what seems complex.

 The universal principle that speaks to the first phrase above is that everything is energy and energy has an infinite number of levels of vibration. For example, air molecules vibrate much faster than wood molecules, making air seem ‘light’ and wood seem ‘dense’. When a tuning fork is set to vibrate, anything of that same vibration will resonate with it. Thus, what is ‘sent out’ resonates with that same vibration.

 Our thoughts have a vibration depending on the kind of thought. For purposes of this article I will distinguish only between a ‘negative’ thought and a ‘positive’ thought. The negative thought would have a more dense or lower vibration, and the positive thought would have a lighter or higher vibration. Since the vibration will resonate with one like it, negative thoughts attract negative vibrations, and positive thoughts, positive vibrations. Thus, what you put out, comes back to you.

 Some of you reading this article may have seen or read The Secret. It is a documentary about a principle called ‘The Law of Attraction’. What is discussed is how we use it in our lives and how it can be directed to bring to us what we want. This ‘law’ use the principles I described above, you attract to your life what you focus on the most, thus sending out that vibration a lot. What is not clear in the movie is that this principle works continuously and for most people, brings to your life what you don’t want more than it brings what you do want.

 Why is that? Because most people are looking at life as victims. They think that everything happens by chance to them not by them. Since that is the perspective, then that is how life looks, and since they are putting out such a ‘negative’ thought vibration, they get back events and situations that reflect it. Of course, not many look at it that way so don’t see any way to make it better. It is just how life works, they think. But if you can just grasp the idea that you are in charge of the thoughts that run through your mind and that thoughts send out a vibration, maybe you can also get that when that vibration comes in contact with a like vibration, they interact.

 For example, let’s say you are you have an argument with your boss just before leaving work and are in a nasty mood. You walk to your car griping about what a jerk your boss is. On your way to your car you don’t noticed a pile of dog crap, because of your thoughts and step in it. That makes you even more angry and you throw your keys on the pavement. When you pick them up the entry box for your car is broken and doesn’t work. Now you have to use the key which also got bent somewhat and is hard to get in the keyhole. You finally get in the car madder yet and screech out of the parking lot and down the street, rushing through a stop sign. A few seconds later a police car shows up and the cop gives you a ticket. The rest of your day reflects the anger that grows by the moment.

 The preceding example is just one of millions to illustrate how ‘negative’ thinking brings ‘negative’ results to your life. You can verify this for yourself by noticing how things work out after a session with anger, resentment, hate, guilt, or any number of ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions. And also notice how things work after feeling joyful and happy. If you don’t notice a difference, that is, things are still terrible in your life, then either you aren’t really paying attention to your thoughts or there is something going on subconsciously.

 It may take awhile to first, believe that what I have said in this article is worth looking into, and then whether your thoughts really are affecting your life. Be honest with yourself; if you dismiss this principle outright without exploring its possibility, then you have only yourself to blame for your continued disappointing life. But if you give it a chance to see if it really works as I have said it does, you will find some amazing changes starting to appear that lift you to a happier way of living.

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