Are You Adapting Or Resisting The “New Normal”?
By Art Ramsay PhD


 We hear much these days about the “new normal”. What does that mean? It means that the world is changing and that the “old or normal” ways are dying. People’s lives around the world have changed, sometimes drastically, and will never be the same. This is neither “good” nor “bad”, it is just different.

 Not only have there been dramatic weather changes that have completely altered people’s lives, but earth changes, such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, as well. The world’s peoples are electronically connected like never before. Folks in previously hidden areas of the world now have cell phones and access to the internet.

 What does all this mean for you? You now have a choice of either adapting or resisting the changes that are taking place. Listening to a call from HeartMath with Greg Braden the other night, he mentioned a new definition of Resilient by the U.S. military establishment.

 The new Resilient: The capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenges, and adversity. If we are to face the “new normal” with less stress, we must willingly adapt. Adapt to what, you might ask? Look around you, observe what has changed in you life, and it will reveal itself.

 We are on the threshold of what has been termed The New Golden Age, and as I have said in previous articles, the old must die while the new is being born. For many years I recorded and bought music on audio tapes; I still have many stashed in a closet. In the 1980’s this all changed with the introduction of CD’s, so now I use these instead.

 I had to adapt to this new way of recording and buying music as tapes gradually left the stores. Likewise, I still have many video tapes left from a time when that was the only way to view movies at home and make your own. Of course now I use DVD’s. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

 The changes that are occurring may be far more extraordinary than what I described above, but the adaptation to them takes similar actions. If we are to live happy and successful lives, we must change first, how we view the changes, and then what we need to do to adapt.

 Even though my body is not as strong, nor as flexible as it was ten years ago as I had intended it to be, I have learned to do things slower and in a more precise way than before, but also anticipating that my new body will overcome all of that in the not to distant future. The membership of our center has changed over the years, and the events I held there that were well attended have not been the past year.

 The above experiences have shown me that accepting the changes that have taken place and moving on to new experiences will benefit me far more than bemoaning what no longer is working. We tend to live in the past and bring those past events to the present time expecting them to continue to occur. We become attached to our expected outcome and when this doesn’t happen we feel disappointed or angry.

 When we let change happen with no expectations of the outcome, we drop our attachments to it and can calmly move forward to our next step or steps. It has been said that change is the only thing that is constant, so we can expect change in every moment of our lives, however small or large it appears.

 Without change we are doomed to continually repeat our mistakes, lost in the habits that never die and run our lives. We become like robots in the Matrix run by society and governments with no will to create our own lives. Not only is it important that change take place, it is imperative.

 If we are to move into the New Golden Age smoothly, we must leave the old ways of living behind, and anticipate the wonder looming before us. Now some of you may not believe or care about this so-called New Age. Well, people were burned at the stake for saying the world was round, not flat, or that the earth was not the center of the universe.

 While something as esoteric as a new age may sound unbelievable, its appearance has been around for years in subtle and dramatic ways. This age has been predicted by many “prophets”, including the Christian Bible, although in sometimes “hidden” language. I have witnessed dramatic shifts around the world as new leaders come forward on the internet, movies, magazines, and even TV and news media to some degree.

 Whether you choose to believe in the New Age or not, the changes are occurring and will continue to occur. Most likely they will be more dramatic as time moves on. The title of this article asks the question about how you will respond to these changes, so this is the case in point here, not whether you believe a new age is coming.

 I think the answer is simple: we must adapt. Those that have not adapted to changes over time have paid for their resistance in many ways. Resilience, as described above, is needed so that we can move forward in our lives in satisfying and happy ways. What are you doing about these changes? Look deep within for an answer if you haven’t already made a choice.


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