by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 With gasoline prices in the United States climbing every week, people are faced with a dilemma – what to spend their ‘paycheck’ on, for example, food or gasoline? Of course, if everyone had prosperity consciousness instead of poverty consciousness the money thing wouldn’t exist; but that is a different topic. However, the situation does give me thoughts about it metaphorically.

 Are we spiritually out of gas? When Mother Teresa came to the United States a few years before she made her transition she told the president or at least some government officials, I don’t remember the details, that the U.S. had a far greater problem than those starving in India. What she referred to is how spiritually starved people are here and elsewhere in the world.

 One would think with as many members as the major religions of the world have, there would a great deal of spiritual practice. But the actions and words of such people show a different view. One cannot commit or support war, genocide, torture, and mass starvation in a spiritually evolved world. Religions may even be the crux of the matter, since each one says that it owns the rights to God, or whatever name is used. How can this be? I will not tread into the religious landmine, but look at this subject from a different perspective.

 It is said that soon after we are born we forget that we are powerful spiritual beings. We grow up thinking that we are individual bodies with no connection with each other whatsoever. And that is how most people live out their lives. But things are changing, and we as a human race are beginning to ‘awaken’ to the truth of the spiritual beings we are. That statement, however, will fall on deaf ears to most people I talk to beyond those at my spiritual center.

 So what does all this mean? It means that a person who is aligned with his/her spiritual roots live in a different world than those who are not. It is the difference between supporting war and not, of relating to others of any race, ethic origin, religion, or sexual preference in an accepting way or not. When a person steps away from hate, resentment, conflict, violence, and unacceptance, she/he walks with an aura of love and peace.

 We cannot relate to others in a loving and accepting way, and hate them too; it is either one or the other. When we fill ourselves with the Divine Love that is always present and discover the peace that lies within us, we step into that world of which I referred earlier. A transition is made and our world changes. First, our inside world, and it must change first, and then our outside world that reflects it.

 So let’s get real here. None of us are constantly in a place of peace and love, and hopefully, none of us are constantly in a place of resentment and judgment. Most of us are somewhere in between, and need to stop and refill our ‘tanks’ everyday. But how do we do that when the world seems to be crashing down upon us?

 One thing we don’t do is let ourselves be caught up in the drama of the downward spiral. Instead, we get ourselves out of the drama quickly and resume what we were doing. There are many ways to do this in the moment and I explain some of them in my soon to be release ebook, Inner Peace Revealed. One way is to apply the F/O Hold. Put one palm on your forehead, the Frontal Lobe of your brain, and the other on the back of your head exactly opposite the first one, the Occipital. Hold it until the stress/pressure is released.

 I meditate one to two hours a day, and over time that has helped me quickly pull myself out of situations that might trap me there longer. You might begin that practice for a few minutes daily and work up to 30 minutes. One way to practice this in the moment is to stop what you are focused on that is not working, and refocus on something that does, such as the beach or a pleasant memory. Fill your mind with a place of peace that you have experienced in the past and feel it with all your senses. Stay thee for a few minutes, and then come back to the moment.

 These are only a few ways to shift the energy that you experience. It is really about establishing a peaceful lifestyle through daily spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga. We cannot just think peace and bring it into our lives, we have to persistently practice being there. The more you refill your tank with premium instead of the cheap stuff the better your body and mind will serve you.