Personal Responsibility
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Has anyone ever told you that you are responsible for everything in your life? Iíll bet not. We are born as tiny beings that need nurturing in many ways and taken care of as we grow through childhood. When we reach the teenage years, it becomes apparent to many that we can take care of ourselves quite satisfactorily and donít need to be saved by our parents. Still, the laws keep us tied to our caretakers, be it our parents or someone else. If you are reading this in a country other than the United States, the preceding description may be quite different.

 During our growth stages from childhood to adulthood, we learn that there are all sorts of agencies, organizations, governments, and groups that are designed to take care of us in some way. Therefore, we release responsibility for taking care of ourselves to some extent. The thought might be that you have a safety-net should things not work out as you planned. What happens in that scenario is you relinquish your power to take responsibility for your life to someone else.

 It is enough that you are told what to do and how to do it from childhood fueled by societal beliefs. But when you give the steering wheel, the rudder of your life to someone else, you lose control of what you are doing and where you are going. The real truth is that while you may have given control of your physical reality to the government, letís say, the one aspect you are always in control of is your mind. And since, ultimately, your mind is what controls everything anyway, in sense, you have relinquished nothing.

 The truth is that you are the commander, the captain, the pilot of your life from the start. If you read the article The New Paradigm Part 1, now in the Archives part of the Articles page (this page) , you saw that through a law of quantum physics, we attract the same vibrations that we create through our thoughts, words, and actions. For example, if you get up in a happy, joyful mood and maintain that higher vibration throughout the day, your bodyís energetic field will resonate with fields it contacts to some degree and maintain that high vibration. If you get out of bed in a miserable mood, you will likewise resonate with like vibrations and have crappy day.

 Due to your creation of the vibrations that are radiated from your body during your day, you are, in effect, creating your life moment by moment. Now this whole scenario is much more complex than I have described here, I just wanted to give you a sense of what being the creator of your life looks like energetically. If you can get past the disbelief that many of you reading this may have at the moment about what I just described, you can begin to understand what I mean by being responsible for your lifeís creation.

 Life is about choices, and in any given moment there are infinite choices. We may not be aware of the many choices we have for the situation we need to make a choice about, but they are there. Usually you make a choice based on past programming or beliefs that you hold. Making the choice that supports you and points you in the appropriate direction is what being responsible is all about. There are no Ďwrongí choices, only ones that will lift you, move you forward, or ones that pull you down and stop you. Making a choice that not only is perfect for you, but everyone concerned takes personal responsibility.

 In a society where the media creates victims and fear, you may find it difficult to embrace personal responsibility. There are really no victims, only people who have made choices that donít serve them. Now I know that most of you reading this are saying to yourselves ďthis guy is full of itĒ, but given enough writing space, I could show you what I mean. I have a whole chapter in my soon to be released Inner Peace Revealed ebook on personal responsibility, and even that isnít enough to prove to you that there are no victims, but stay with me on this.

 If everything is about choices, and we have many at any time, then making a personally responsible choice keeps you from becoming a victim. Now it may seem that you are a victim, and I go there at times myself, but if you really thought about what occurred and why it happened, you most likely would see your part of the effect or consequence.

 The last thing I want to say here about our being responsible for our lives is that the reason for it hinges on the idea that we create every moment of our lives. If you are constantly creating your life then who else is responsible for it? Of course, the statement that you are creating your life may seem absurd to many of you, but it is true. I refer again to the article I mentioned above, The New Paradigm, part 1, for more detail as to why this is so.

 In some situations it is easy to see that you are creating what is happening and therefore responsible for it. But in others, it is much more difficult to see it. For example, letís say you are walking across your yard to get the mail and something falls out of the sky and hits your head knocking you unconscious. Who is responsible? Is it the originator of the object that hit you? So it would seem. Is it the objects fault? Of course not.  But letís get clear here. Who decided to walk outside and get the mail? While at a conscious level you could not have known about the falling object, you still made a choice to walk outside at that exact moment. You had an infinite number of choices, remember? But you picked one. While the preceding was an extreme example, it still illustrates the point.

 The above just illustrates that there are forces at work in our lives of which we are not consciously aware. But . . . we can become more consciously aware by opening to the possibilities that surround us. When you take responsibility for every thought, word, and action in you life, I guarantee your life will become filled with love, peace, and harmony. That is the way the Universe created you and the world in which you live. Take note of this idea for the next week and see what happens.