The Power of Your Mind
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 It seems that humans, in general, take their minds for granted. The association that science has given in the past making our brains and minds synonymous has led many astray. Our body’s brain is not our mind. The brain is the physical doorway to the mind and contains the ‘programming’ of our ‘subconscious mind’. No one knows for sure how all this works, but science is getting closer to how the mind and brain are linked.

 Many scientific experiments have shown that the mind is non-local, meaning that it is not just within your physical body. The psychic abilities that some have matured are another aspect of mind that shows its connective link to all of life. While most people in the world would deny the possibilities of these discoveries, they are real non-the-less.

 This article is not meant to be a scientific treatise on the mind. You can get that kind of information many places. I want only to point out here that the mind is a powerful tool for your daily sojourn on this planet. The above is only to give some credence to what follows.

 The human mind has been discussed and written about for eons; from Socrates and even before, to modern day mystics. Anyone who has read or is familiar with books such as As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen, or Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, or has listened to any number of inspirational speakers, gets that our lives follow our mind’s guidance. Even the Christian Bible via Jesus speaks of using our minds to bring forth what we want.

 Science has shown us that our brain is programmed through neural pathways and that what we come to believe through habitual use creates the programs. The brain’s function is to think, and it uses the programs we have installed when nothing else is going on for it to think about. When we realize that the same things keep happening repeatedly because of this programming, we have a chance to change it.

 You may have noticed that most of the time it takes focused effort to think through a problem or find a solution to a situation that isn’t working for you. It is because the internal programs keep running and take priority over anything else unless you make the effort to override them. Just as I can overwrite files already on my computer’s hard drive with new files, the programs (beliefs) of my brain can be overwritten by putting new ways of thinking, new programs, into it.

 Now notice I used the words habitual and repeatedly when describing how the programs got into our brains. Well, it takes this same consistency, actually more so, to reprogram the brain. We haphazardly allowed our brain to sort of program itself through our habits over the years, so now it takes focused awareness to reprogram it. This is not something most people want to hear. They are too busy living their lives to make changes. Great, so be it, if that is what you want. But if that is so, why are there thousands of people like me who mentor, counsel, and coach people plus numerous kinds of therapists and psychiatric people busy treating people?

 The obvious answer that comes to me is that people don’t want to make the effort to help themselves they want someone else to do it for them. Or they just chalk it up to that is the way life is and keep doing what they have always done, getting more of what doesn’t work. Is that you? Surely not, or you wouldn’t have gotten this far reading this article.

 Your mind is what runs the show; if you let it. By that I mean our lives are so busy we would rather default to our habitual programming (beliefs) than turn our lives over to our minds. You may not get the distinction I am making here, because it is hard to put into words how your mind has the power to do anything once you have made the decision to change something. It opens the door and establishes a method to begin changing those neural pathways.

 You begin by surrendering your habitual way of thinking and doing to the power of your Higher Mind (emphasis here to distinguish between brain and mind). It then takes over and guides you toward positive change. It is sort of like disconnecting autopilot from a vehicle or airplane and taking over the controls. You are in charge through the power of your mind. Easy? No. Worth the effort? Absolutely!!

 There are many ways to start this process. One of the most effective, and relatively easy processes, is to go 21 days without complaining. Now I said “relatively” easy; a piece of cake it is not. But if you can go even a whole day without a complaint, what a difference you will feel the next morning. There are many ways to do this process. Several are listed below. Give it a try. You may be surprised of the outcome. Oh by the way. If you complain one day after a couple days of no complaints, you start over. To make the change complete it must happen over 21 contiguous days.  

  • Wear a pink ‘no complaining’ wrist band go to
  • Keep track of complaints on a notepad
  • Have someone help you monitor complaints
  • Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you complain
  • Congratulate yourself when you catch an almost complaint

 Other ways to begin the reprogramming process will follow in my next article. Meanwhile persevere and keep at it. Your life will change dramatically.

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