Rebirth-What Does It Mean For You?
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 While spring (the Vernal Equinox) signals a rebirth each year. there is more going on this year (2014) than ever before. Whether we live in the Northern hemisphere or Southern hemisphere, this particular Equinox, whether called spring or fall, still has the same meaning relating to rebirth.

 Rebirth is more than just a new beginning as is the first of the year. It is a renewal (in the spring) of all that slept or lay dormant during the long winter months. Seeds are planted literally and metaphorically are ready to burst forth in the months that follow.

 If our lives follow the changes of seasons, we reap the benefit of those changes just as nature does year after year. A plant, a tree, a forest grows a little each year expanding its branches and height as the seasons change. We do the same if we are but aware of it.

 Just as a tree can’t decide to stop growing, neither can we. What we can do is focus on where that growth will take place. If sunlight only is available to a tree on one side, then that side will grow toward it; the other sides will grow less due to the lack of sunlight. If we focus on only one area of our lives then that is the area that will grow, leaving the others nearly dormant. For example, if all you focus on is your job, your growth will only occur in that area. But even this growth will be small unless you decide to expand your view of your potential there.

 The growth area of our lives that affects all of the other areas is spiritual growth. The spiritual in your life is the macro area while all the other areas are the micro. For example, the sun is the macro area of our solar system while the planets and all that is on each one are the micro areas. Similarly our relationships, jobs, finances, family, health, and all the other areas of our lives fall within the spiritual. While each of the areas may interact with each other, they all depend on where we are consciously or spiritually.

 It is the desire for something that sparks the onset of growth in that area. It comes from within, and if it comes from within, it is spiritually related. By ‘within’ I don’t mean your thoughts. I mean insight, a feeling, something you can’t quite put your finger on, but it is there. This is the spark, the catalyst that begins rebirth; a change toward something new.

 Like plants and trees that burst forth with new life each spring, we too can use the metaphor of rebirth to foster a new direction or path in our lives. If we don’t we are doomed to keep repeating that which came before – this is not growth; it is death. “An unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates. We are given millions of examples every spring of what new growth brings forth. How can we ignore that?

For those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere and experiencing the Autumnal Equinox, which points to harvesting, you could rejoice for what you expect in your life soon from a seed already planted, or look within for what is ready to come forth for you.

 Like the above, what do you expect to produce from this 2014 Equinox’s opening? It has the potential unlike any seen in eons. Of course, growth is not about planning, but keeping a consistent focus on change. Not change just for change sake, but making little shifts in the area(s) of your life that you feel need it the most. This shift will request you to look deeply into what you truly desire, beyond the “outer” world.

  Awareness and shifts might look like this example of an “outer” shift that subtly is also an “inner” shift. Let’s say I am tired of being tired all the time, so I look into what might be causing loss of energy in my lifestyle. What foods am I eating? How much exercise am I getting? How’s my sleep? And so on. I might experiment in changing my eating habits by adding whole foods and reducing energy-robbing foods. I might find that my exercise routine has gone flat. These are the kinds of actions you might take in order to make life-enhancing changes to your everyday life.

 While you can experiment with what and where to tweak on a daily basis, spring is certainly the time to review what is working and what is not. When all of nature is making its yearly shifts all around you, it may motivate you to do the same. Life is not stagnant; it is ever changing even if you don’t notice it. But this Equinox, like no other, is definitely the time to look deep and prepare for the coming New Age.

 For those of you who might scoff at this “new age” thing, all I can say is look around you. The world is changing; the “old world” is dying and a new way of living and being is growing. If all you do is watch TV and read the newspaper, you will see no evidence of what I have just said. The mainstream media does not know about such thing as a loving new world of Oneness dawning. Open your mind and look beyond what seems to be to what is within, and you will see.


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