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The Wisdom Stone Trilogy continues in The Tibetan Wisdom Code, when our adventurers discover disturbing news - the Wisdom Stones they worked so hard to put in place, are losing their power! This is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue. But how can they fix this?

“Art weaves a tale that winds like a hunt through ancient mountains for gems, where the prize is the wisdom we all seek. Like a true myth, he tells the story we all live, seeking our own stones of wisdom inside us, giving it to us in his own, unmistakable way.”

Tom Wright

Tag along while Greg delves into the mystery of a coded document that might be the answer to renewing the Wisdom Stones' energy. Once again, The Cause is hot on his trail determined to stop him at all costs. Can he, Emily, and his Tibetan friends outsmart them?

As you embark on this exciting and mysterious journey, you are given lessons about how life works for you and humanity.

Join our heroes while they seek the mysterious coded document they must find quickly, before the Wisdom Stones lose their power!






"Art, I truly enjoyed reading The Tibetan Wisdom Code. It is a really exciting adventure that is thrilling on each page. It is full of insightful observations on the beauty of the world and intricate relationships. It is a fast paced and inspiring tale that leaves one exhilarated. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful saga."

Charles Dutton
Atlanta, GA

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"Art gives us a super tale of mystery and adventure, in The Tibetan Wisdom Code, peppered with lessons about how life works. I had to force myself to put it down, it moves so fast. Highly recommended!"

Lorie Blackhorse
Asheville, NC