What Is The Truth For Your Life?
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

We move through our everyday lives with other people; we are seldom alone. Due to the mix of beliefs that flow through our interactions, we can often become confused. We receive messages from all sorts of media as well as our personal connections, each with its own context and opinion.

With all of the above described interactions our minds are filled with so much “stuff” it is hard to make sense of it all. How can we make sane choses for our lives when we have to weed through so many opinions and ideas? The one quote that comes to mind is “… the truth will set you free” from the Christian Bible.

What does that mean for you? It means that out of all the opinions, beliefs, and ideas that flow to you each day, you only rely on your truth to guide your life. Even ideas coming from your own mind may be from other peoples’ beliefs hidden in you subconscious.

Going ‘within’ to find answers can be tricky. You need to have a connection with your ‘higher self’ or whatever you call it, to rely on what you get from it. This may take some practice of going within through meditation and contemplation. The simplest way of getting an answer you can rely on is from your intuition. But most of us have difficulty with that.

Too often we follow other people’s opinions without clear guidance as to whether it is right for us. Most of the time this leads us down the wrong path and things do not work the way we had planned. Of course we can follow our own ego-minded choice and end up the same place.

Making decisions, or choices as I prefer calling it, can be critical at times. In these cases we want to be sure we have chosen well. The simplest and fastest way to do this is getting in touch with your intuitive sense of the best choice. Because the answer we want comes quickly this way, we often don’t rely on it, due to its simplicity.

We are doing ourselves a great disfavor by ignoring our most reliable way of choosing. I know that like most people I often ignore my intuitive knowing and continue to go through comparisons and such to make the best choice. What a waste of time. Go with the first thing that pops into your head and don’t doubt it.

The second way of getting to the answer that best serves you is through meditation. Again, this may take practice. It is not easy to quiet the noisy ego-mind. Its continuous train of thoughts keep us trapped in the thought-process. But through focused intent you can be the controller of your mind.

There are many ways to focus your mind on something in order to escape the thought deluge. One is to choose a mantra, using a word, or words, a sound, a phrase, or other such as ‘om’, peace be with me, love, God is all there is, and so on. Google ‘mantra’ and you should get plenty of suggestions.

Another way to quiet the mind during meditation is to follow your breath. Focus on your in-breath and then your out-breath. This process will keep your mind occupied and allow time for you to quiet your mind to meditate.

I practice quieting my mind all day by not thinking. I play being an observer with no judgments. This takes extraordinary effort most of the time, but seems simple other times. It is a great way to stop judging and complaining.

Once you have found a way to quiet your mind you can proceed in several ways. One is to ask a question and wait for an answer. Another is to go over what you are looking to determine and wait for something to show up that guides you to the conclusion you are seeking.

The answers you get through any of the above processes will lead you to your truth for the particular thing you are seeking. That is, the answer will be the one best for you and no one else. Truth most come from within; no one else can give it to you.

The greatest truth you can seek is who you are as a spiritual being and why you came here at this time. Finding this truth for you may take quite a bit more seeking, but the result will guide you for years to come.

We, the human race, have just crossed a threshold, so to speak. As of 12-21-2012, we have entered a new cycle of time, a new age. We are leaving the old way of doing things and entering a new way. Some call it the Golden Age. Whatever it is called, it is why you are here at this point in time.

It is a great time to discover your truth, because it will lead to your own self-discovery more quickly than you could have before.


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