What Is Your Ultimate Goal?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 We all have goals of some kind, whether we consciously know them or not. For most of us, goal setting is a process we use to achieve something in the distant or immediate future. Setting goals is sometimes easy, but for many, it is a challenge. Why? Because most people have no idea what they would like to achieve in their future.

 A goal can be as simple as setting a date to take the car to the dealer for its quarterly maintenance routine. It can be as complex as writing a book and setting a goal as to when and how you plan to have it published. But whatever your objective, it takes a process to complete it. While setting goals is helpful to accomplish some activity, we must know what that activity is.

 This article is really not about goal setting. There are dozens or more processes people use to achieve what they set out to do, whether for their business, career, or to achieve their passion. But we all come into this life with one ultimate goal that lifts us beyond our everyday lives. It may take many years for this goal to appear in our awareness. It most likely shows up after we have settled on our career, raise a family, and live our social lives.

 But for many of us, it shows up earlier, even though we all have deep within, this same goal. Sometimes it does not ever surface, and we leave this life feeling unfulfilled. Going back to goals in general, they can be something we want to accomplish tomorrow, or something we see happening a decade from now. A goal may be having something to do with your passion or your purpose for being here, and may surface as a micro desire, such as me writing this article, or a macro desire.

 For me that macro desire would be to create and lead seminars at sacred sites all over the planet. For some, getting to live their passion is both a micro and macro goal. My passion is to write a macro goal. Writing my current novel is my micro goal. But containing both my micro and macro goal is my ultimate goal. Another micro goal of mine decades ago was being a member and leader of a Lions Club, which fell within the aspect of my ultimate goal. Over the years, I was a member of six clubs including one in England.

 Can you guess what my ultimate goal was and still is from what I wrote above? I could keep you in mystery and have the goal revealed in my next article, because I would like you to take some time and consider what that goal might look like from a micro perspective for you. But since there is no 'part 1' in the title, I guess I will have to reveal it to you here.

 The ultimate goal of every human on the planet is service. It is what fulfills us and leads to a happy life. Whether it is accomplished by serving in a service club, such as the Lions or Kiwanis, or it is serving in The Peace Corps, it is how we serve each other. The list of ways to serve would fill pages. Look around your neighborhood, community, or city and see the myriad of ways to be in service. Do not make it complicated. Being in service can be as simple as giving a shut-in a meal, or giving someone a ride to get groceries. We all can find ways to serve and many, perhaps all of you, reading this already serve in some way.

 Up until a few months ago, my 95 year old mother and father delivered Meals on Wheels. Did you read that right? I said they delivered the meals. My father has served as a Lion member for over 50 years and my mother for nearly as long. I am telling you this, because age does not matter when it comes to service. You obviously are never to old, nor never too young, since kids serve as well in many ways.

 Why is service the ultimate goal? It is our ultimate goal, because we are expressions of the Divine, and every expression is Love. We express this Love through service to each other. Those we serve are equal expressions of Love. They are neither lower nor higher than anyone else is, because we are all both serving and served by who we are.

 Statistics will bear out what I am saying about fulfillment and happiness. I have read many times how people in service to others are happier people than those who do not serve. If you do not serve in some way, perhaps it is time to look at your life more closely. There are three aspects of our lives we must examine, if we are to live a fulfilled and happy life. 

  1. find a way to be in service
  2. discover what your passion is
  3. explore why you came here to planet earth, and what that purpose is

 There are no excuses for not doing the above. No matter where you are in your life as you read this, these three areas are vital to explore. Being in service might very well be the easiest of the three to step into. Discovering what your passion is might also be simple if you already have a passion for something. If not, look back in your life and write down the things that made you feel fulfilled, that made you happy, while doing them. Work with it, you will find your passion eventually.

 The last one you already might be doing. However, know that while my passion is writing, it is only a venue for why I came here. I believe I came here to help people find peace within. Of course, I had to find it within me in order to help others to do the same. This is a very deep area of your life to examine, but over time your purpose will surface. It is a matter of being aware and taking the time to follow what comes to you.


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