What Are You Creating?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Two major natural events have occurred in the same general areas of the United States, just before I wrote this. Weather conditions and patterns worldwide are changing. Riots against dictators of various kinds erupt almost spontaneously, famine plagues third-world and even modern countries, and violence is increasing. The economic systems of multiple countries are crashing down around us.

 What is happening? Welcome to the Mayan prophecy: the world as we know it is dying, and a new world is birthing. While there are many perspectives about what is happening in the world today, there is only one that satisfies this writer. We are the ones tearing down the old and creating the new.

 By "we", I mean humankind; there are those of us who are building, and others who are dismantling. While these actions are happening simultaneously, most people haven't a clue about what they are creating or destroying. Of course, there are those that do know, mostly in the 'creating' area.

 You may be on either side of the dispute about what is causing such a radical shift in the weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, and violence; that is, the increased frequency of these events, compared to the past. But, whatever you think about it, bear with me and suspend your possible disbelief while reading this article.

 You may not believe the 2012 story, and think we are just undergoing a new cycle of weather patterns and other cyclic changes. Well, that is exactly what the prophecy says; we are not entering one new cycle, but three.

 We are leaving the last, and beginning the cycles of (approximately) 5,000, 12,000, and 26,000 years. This has never before occurred during the presence of 'modern' humankind. Last time it occurred there was only Cro-Magnon Man walking this planet. The three cycles at once is why so much is happening in shorter periods of time.

 It is believed that the Biblical flood occurred during the last 5,000 year cycle, so you see that catastrophic events happen near the beginning and end of these cycles. What we know now is that how we respond to these changes will affect the outcome for humankind.

 The article I wrote two years ago about 2012, discussed the outcome of what has been happening the last few years and even before. I noted that the outcome of all of these happenings depended on us, and how we would live our lives. This article takes the discussion deeper.

 I have noted in previous articles how we are the creators of our lives in every moment. There is nothing outside of us. No one is doing something to us. Now I know that this may sound absurd to many of you. Someone may ask, "Did I create the airplane that crashed into my house?" Well no, but you moved into that house didn't you? Or maybe just before the crash, what were you thinking? Was it something like, "man my life couldn't get any worst", or something like that? See how this works?

 You see, at some level we are constantly creating our lives. We may not know that we are doing it, because it is happening on an unconscious level. Our beliefs create thoughts, or at least responses, about events and actions.

 It works like this: we are all spiritually, or energetically, connected to each other and the Universe (God, Creator, Source); we get a thought or a feeling from the higher aspect of ourselves, maybe from some desire; that thought is unmanifest (it has not come into physical reality); we bring it into manifestation by recurring thoughts, feelings, and actions about it; aka, The Law of Attraction.

 The preceding is a very simplified description of how we create, but should be enough for this article. Going any deeper would change the scope of the subject I am discussing. The other source of our creations is our beliefs. They sit in our unconscious ready to feed our thoughts, while we are engaged with people or events.

 Your beliefs concerning 2012, and what is happening in the world today, are feeding your response to this article. That is why I asked that you suspend your beliefs for awhile, so you could get what I am discussing regarding your creations. From here, we can look at the 2012 aspect.

 You can approach creating your life regarding 2012 in one of two ways: you can totally disbelieve you are responsible and ignore it, or you can put a positive spin on what you create. We create from love or fear. Most of us create from fear, because we are hard-wired to do that. Our beliefs and habits are in charge, if we let them.

 But there is another way. We can take charge of what we create and consciously manifest a life of love and peace. I will not pretend that doing this is easy, since we have been programmed to do otherwise. But it is a direction we must go if we are to have a full and rich life, during, and beyond the 2012 experience.

 Where are you with regard to thoughts you hold in your conscious mind, or the feelings you have in your body throughout each day? Are your thoughts something like "my life cannot get any worst", or are they more like "my life is getting better everyday"?

 No matter how it looks on the outside, we can hold love and peace within, so we send out vibrations that lift us to a better way of being. Our mindset can be one of failure and darkness, or success and light. What are you creating? The world is waiting.


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