What Does It Take?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 As I have said many times since 2012, a New Age is dawning, but what does this mean? Well, no one knows absolutely what or when this change will occur. However, you can peek into the news once in awhile, or glance at a newspaper or magazine and read and hear about the changes that are taking place.

 The “old world” is dying and the “new world” is birthing. This can be noted by the financial dilemmas facing governments around the world, by outbreaks of violence beyond the “normal”, by governments being challenged at all levels, by new data being revealed of the atrocities royalty, religions, and government officials are perpetrating. And it goes on.

 On the other side of the “coin”, more and more organizations are lining up to help people in numerous ways. Spiritual growth through educating people everywhere of self-awareness, bodily and mental health protocols, unprecedented aid to third world peoples, and mainstream people and religions awakening to discovery of who they are.

 While all of the above continues to unfold, we, who have been “awake” for some number of years, even decades, stand in readiness for the Age of Aquarius, the new Golden Age, to appear in earnest. This, by the way, has also been called the “second coming” by the Christian Church. But it is not the second coming of Jesus, the man, but the Christ Consciousness, which he held and demonstrated so well.

 I know that an Age spans some 2250 years, and since we are only at the cusp of this new Age, leaving the Piscean Age behind, it may take awhile, before it settles into completion, but I, like many, am impatient.

 What does impatience cause us? Well, a few expressions of it would be anxiety, anger, and fear. Now, I know that those who are still, or have not been “awake” probably don’t feel any of this, because they don’t know that there is something to expect. Most people think that what is happening in the world is just “normal” stuff.

 “Get over yourself” is a mantra touted by many in the spiritual teachings, and that is a first, and very important step. What does this mean? It means that you must move beyond being locked into your ego mind, or personality self. As I have written before, it is about seeing beyond appearances. While, your personality, ego, is important to lead you through this physical world, it is not very helpful in discovering the Real You.

 As many of you may know, A Course In Miracles is an excellent, if not challenging, tool for taking the steps to move beyond the ego, but there are other ways. Quieting and “emptying” the mind is paramount. Meditation is a great way to begin this practice even though I know many of you are reluctant to try it. It need only involve sitting quietly for a few minutes.

 If you enjoy drumming, that is, beating a Native American or African drum sets up vibrations that help you ease into a meditative state. If you have never tried drumming, now would be a great time to begin the practice. Listening to drumming is helpful if you do not choose to do it yourself. There are many CD’s available that are excellent for this practice.

 Music is another way to calm the mind and allow it to begin to empty itself. Whatever type of music you enjoy is perfect for you, either playing or listening. Pick something that feels soothing and brings you a peaceful state of mind. Listening to music may be the easiest method for you to enter a quirt state.

 While I could name other methods to accomplish our purpose here, I leave it to you to consider what helps you attain a quiet state of mind, which is essential to become “empty” and listen. Now this is the crux of stilling the mind – to listen for the “still, small voice”. To be “filed” with Love, Peace and a higher vibration is what this “voice” gives you.

 All or any of the above needs to be practiced daily if only for a few moments to begin. As you practice and extent your time doing it, the more peaceful and quiet will your mind becomes. But, it must be done on a daily basis if possible, the more you do it, the faster the results.

I can personally attest to the challenge doing the above. While it was not that big of deal for me in Asheville, where it was quiet and I was living a pretty peaceful life, it suddenly changed to where I am living with my parents and being a co-caretaker with my wife, Dee of my stepfather. This has totally disrupted my previous peaceful setting and changed it to one of daily needed attention to the medical condition of my stepfather.

 It has taken me awhile to sort out the conditions here; creating my own space in a 70 year old house that needs a great deal of fixing and rearranging. The practices I mentioned above are ones that I am now doing daily as time permits relative to being a caregiver. For me, drumming is something I have done for years and really enjoy.

 So there you have it. What does it take to prepare yourself for the coming Age of Love and beauty, beyond anything you could ever imagine? Any of the above practices done on a daily basis. That is what it takes. As always, if you have any questions, anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask.

 Wishing you much Love and Peace in the coming days and months, while together we await the beauty, peace, and Love of a new beginning.


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