What Do You Fear?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Are you fearless? Can you move beyond any fear and get on with your life no mater what? For those of you who have been with me for awhile, might remember that I have discussed the big FEAR as described by A Course In Miracles as the opposite of the big LOVE, verses the little fear of things in life.

 In this article I am focusing on our little fears that really encompass the big FEAR. We can think of our fears as something we use to resist LOVE, or more specifically, knowing who we are as a spiritual being. Let me clarify this discussion of fear. Fear of snakes, spiders, thunderstorms, and such could be said to be a fear of things, while fear of meeting someone new, or speaking on stage could be the fear of events.

 What I am referring to here is not the fear of what I described above, but the fear that comes from not knowing who you are as a spiritual being. Marianne Williamson said decades ago, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure ...” This is the fear that drives our everyday lives.

 It is the fear that we are mere human bodies caught on a treadmill that keeps us moving toward some perceived future that promises us nothing, yet hoping it does. In its path we fear everything that may be conceived as stopping us. For example, don’t take a chance, be careful, look out for what is around the next corner.

 We think that our fears come from some childhood experiences or are just there as part of life. Yes, we are the ones that put them there, but not because of the above. I have stated time and again that we must go within to truly live the life we were born to live. Nothing outside of us will fulfill our dreams or even our desire for the next day.

 I have been learning and practicing spiritual principles for 25 years and just when I think I have found the answer to what is my next step, something happens to delay or prevent it. A door stands before me, but I am afraid to open it. Why? Because I still hang on to my intellectual way of living; paying more attention to the physical then who I am from within.

 “If he hasn’t opened the door in 25 years, what am I to do?” You might say. Well, it only takes an instant to know the Truth of who you are, that’s why. It takes moving beyond your intellect and into your Heart. This is what I need to do, even though I relate to my heart a lot, it is not enough. The focus must be constant.

 I didn’t really ‘get’ that living from my heart was more than an intellectual practice until two years ago when I read Living In The Heart by Drunvalo Melchizidek. The book awakened me to what living from my heart really meant and how I was living from my head. I wrote an article relating to this in 2013. You can read it at .

 While focusing on your heart is a right step toward moving past your fears, it is only a step although a huge one. Once you have begun practicing living from your heart, you will notice stillness within and outside of yourself as well. This stillness gives you the space to move beyond the focus on your body to a place of Love and peace; if only for a moment. But practice will extend those moments.

 When you let go of fear, magic happens. Not only does the fear disappear, but you find power within that you never knew existed. How do I know this if I still have fears and in my head? Because I have experienced these moments of stillness and opened the door a crack. I just have not been doing this enough due to my focus on the physical body and surroundings. 

My biggest block has been about money and I have mentioned this in other articles. Living in the United States where everything relates to money, it is hard to get away from that mindset. Money is only a tool for buying stuff, but it has been the master of my life for years. This is just one example of what you have to understand about what keeps you in fear.

 In other articles I have mentioned how what you give your power to takes over your life. and how we tend to continue to live from a survival mindset. As long as we stay in this state of mind we will never move past our fears. How can it change when banks are foreclosing and the cost of living continues to climb? You put survival behind you and move forward.

 For those of you who are familiar with the Christian Bible, you might remember when Jeshua (Jesus) spent 40 days in the wilderness (of his mind), he was tempted by satan (those things, ideas around us, money). He said “Get thee behind me, Satan.” In other words, ‘I am bigger, more powerful than you, so take your place behind me as I move forward’.

 Collect everything you can relating to heart-centered living: books, videos, poems, music, and articles. Study them, do the exercises or whatever is presented sincerely from your heart, not your head. Take time to sit quietly and be still, and focus on you heart. Do these actions everyday.

 I am putting together a file in my computer containing heart-related music, talks, exercises, books, articles, and website links so that I can go to something dealing with heart-centered practice easily and quickly. These kinds of actions are what is needed if you are to put your fears behind you and move forward as the powerful being of Love that you are.


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