What’s Next!?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 It is September, 2013. The world we now live in is progressing forward at an ever increasing pace. This fast paced change is rapidly giving us more to consider in every moment. Have I mentioned this before? Yes, in several ways, but this piece has a different slant that can help you see things clearly and take action.

 Have you noticed the last couple of years that it seems to take you longer to do the same things you have “always” done? A couple of years ago I read that time was speeding up; that is, the earth was increasing its revolutionary speed. This, in turn, made each day shorter and provided fewer minutes/hours to live our daily lives. Admittedly, this change is tiny compared to the 24 hours we have each day, but it is still a change nonetheless.

 I viewed a video on You Tube about this earth change awhile back that was pretty amazing; and for most people very difficult to understand. So how does this time change affect us? Well, obviously it gives us less time to do whatever we have planned to do each day. It may not be noticeable within any given day, but the accumulation of our lost time over months and years is noticeable.

 Does the increased speed of time tend to contribute to things happening that might not have years ago? Seems that way to me. Or is it just the fast paced lives most of us have adopted? Whichever it is, events are taking place everywhere that change our lives in many ways.

 A decade ago, I had bought a sports car that was small compared to the average vehicle seen on U.S. highways. My stepfather remarked that if he were buying a car it would be a Lexus, due to it being the “safest car” on the highway back then. Since my “beliefs” about how we live our lives was, and still is, that we are the creators of our lives, I told him I would never create the energy of being involved in an automobile “accident”. 

Well, a year later, while driving on a narrow, winding road, a woman crossed the line and hit my car head on. It totaled the car. So much for creating my life how I wanted it. Of course, this “belief” is still true; we do create our lives, but sometimes things happen inexplicably; which led to the title of this article.

 I have been for years, a fanatic when it comes to parking in shopping center parking lots. When possible, I pull into a place that allows me to pull forward, instead of backing out. Last Saturday, I backed out of a “slot” in a drugstore parking lot, looking in every direction as always. When I got halfway out, there was a “thud” in the back and I glanced at the back of a van that must have been in my “blind spot”.

 While the damage was slight, it still cost me a citation, several hundred dollars to replace the rear bumper cover, and the anxiety of having something happen in one instant of time, when 2 seconds later would have missed the whole event. There were a number of actions before the collision that contributed to pulling out later than I would have otherwise.

 So yesterday I thought, “What next?” I don’t know how your life has been over the past two years, but mine has been one of constant seemingly unexplained change, costing me a ton of money and a lot of “wasted” time. I say “unexplained” because even though I know I create my life, these events are so “untypical” for me that it seems to be inexplicable.

 Have you noticed such actions occurring in your life? Does your planned day seem to dissolve into happenings that lead to totally unexplained and/or unwanted events? Have you had to constantly rearrange your week to make up for these daily activities? If so, join the crowd, because I hear of these situations in many people’s lives.

 What do we do? If you have been reading my articles for long, you know that you are the creator of you life, and therefore it “should” go as you plan; and that is so – to a point. Where do you think you create from? Most people would say “my mind”, but which mind? We may plan through our conscious mind, but create our lives through our unconscious minds.

 Have you ever said to yourself when something occurred you had no desire to have happen: “What was I thinking?”? Of course you have and it wasn’t you thinking; at least not consciously. In order to begin eliminating the unwanted events you would never want in your life, you must pay attention to the event and what “message” it gives you.

 Not necessarily an easy task. I might think that the message for the “accident” I had in the parking lot was to be more careful. I don’t think so. I couldn’t be more careful than I have always been. Or maybe to always pull forward and never back up; makes more sense. Or it could be metaphorical and have nothing to do with the physical parking lot.

 The messages we get from “the Universe” are usually, but not always, metaphorical. So “deciphering” the message may take some contemplation. For example, I was talking with a minister years ago about people cutting me off on the highway. Since we know that what we don’t like about another person is just mirroring what we don’t like about ourselves, I told her that I never cut people off.

 She said that maybe I had cut people off when listening or talking with them. You see, the message is like that; usually metaphorical in nature. This is why it may take some deep exploration to find the message. But there is a message for you around the event. They are all around us; all it takes is awareness of them.

 Practice being aware of what you say, hear, do and receive in various ways. Look for the message of something that came our of the blue, or that just did not seem “right” to you. When we become aware and can “get” the message being relayed to use through our unwanted experiences, the less of them we will have.


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