What’s On Your Mind?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 As humans we function somewhat as a machine and computer combined, which is exactly how a robot works. What is lacking in both are feelings and the synergy of all the parts, which are hard, maybe impossible, to duplicate. In past articles I have referred to our minds as computers-like.

 A robot, like your computer, is programmable. Its functions can be changed at will. The difference between a robot’s programming and ours is the programmer. Another machine or a human programs the robot, you program your mind. Actually, you have help just like a person who programs the robot.

 The help you get comes from outside of you; it comes from other people. The difference between getting help to reprogram your computer and your brain is that the former is asked for, while the later comes to you requested or not. Your brain is being continually programmed, mostly from sources outside of yourself.

 The thing is you are not even aware that your mind is being programmed. What you watch on TV, listen to on the radio, read in a newspaper or magazine is programming your mind. When you talk with other people, or listen to teachers, clergy, or politicians your mind is being programmed.

 You may think you are only being entertained, informed, taught, or in casual conversation with someone, but there is more going on than you think. From the time we are born, we are being programmed. Most of our programmers are not even aware of what is happening, at least when we are young. One exception to the “young” part – marketers on TV are most definitely intentionally programming your children’s’ minds.

 I am sure you have heard that the average person has tens of thousands of thoughts a day; ever wonder where they came from? Besides the examples given above we also get input from Raced Consciousness; the consciousness of the entire human race. We are all connected, remember? This input is usually not even noticed, but is there none-the-less.

 Your remark concerning all of the above may be – “so what?” Are you 100% happy with your life? Does everything go exactly as you planned in every moment? Is there nothing at all you would change? If you answered “yes” to all of the above, you are either lying or delusional; in fact, you would have no need to be reading this article.

 Reprogramming a robot is relatively simple, reprogramming your mind is not; if it were we would all be in ‘ever happy land’ mentioned above. Am I about to lose some readers? I can hear the moans and groans about ‘hard work’. It is either ‘work’, not necessarily hard, or continuing to live in your current mode of life.

 Your mind will continue to be programmed by outside sources; there is no stopping that … unless. It is too early to discuss the “unless”, but we can suggest ways to ‘un-program’ your mind. It took as many years as your age to put the ‘programs’ in there, therefore it will take awhile to ‘delete’ them.

 You begin such a process by first discovering ‘what’s on your mind’. Begin to notice your thoughts, words, and reactions to people and events. This will be like reading an encyclopedia. You will have to ‘take notes’ in order to sort out what is really happening in your mind.

I suggest you start with only monitoring one aspect of the above, say your thoughts. It will, however require becoming aware of all of the above to spot the contents of your programs, which of course are your beliefs. “Here we go again” I hear you saying. Well, get over it, the only thing that will change the way you think is to tackle your belief system.

 As long as you continue to carry unconscious beliefs, you will continue to live a life controlled by them. Life was not meant to be the way it is. We have gotten ourselves into a system that ignores the inner aspects of who we are in order to glorify the outer aspects of who we are not.

 It is only when we wakeup to this knowledge that we are able to set ourselves free. To ignore this is to ignore life. Of course, what you do with your life this time around is up to you; I am only a messenger. But since I came here to help others to discover why they came to this planet, then I just keep writing what I know will serve you.

 Like you, I am continually shedding beliefs as they surface through my observations. It is a process, as virtually everything in life is. The process requires patience, perseverance, and determination; or at least one of the three at a time.

  Oh, and the “… unless” I mentioned earlier? Simple; just have no beliefs, or as few as possible.


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