What Is Stopping You?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 In every life there is some desire, goal, accomplishment, or achievement that has not been realized. No matter what lifestyle you have chosen, or what spiritual path you follow, something calls you. It could be something simple, complex, or in between. Whatever it is, you feel an innate need for its fulfillment.

  We may recognize this desire when we are young, at least in part. Did you want to be a rock star and play the guitar like Jimmy Hendrix? Or maybe to be a world-class figure skater was your dream. Some of us have a less physical and recognizable dream or longing. Something calls us to make a difference; to make this a better world, for example. But in what way?

 I could fill pages with what people dream of, because we all have different skills and talents, and the way they might be used differs in each one of us. In this, we are unique. I am sure you have heard it said that no one has quite the same way of presenting or using your talents; that you alone, can only do a certain thing in your own unique way.

What Are We About?

 So why haven't you taken that step? The step that sets you on the path of accomplishing your dream. Oh, you forgot you had one? Or maybe you never recognized that one existed. Isn't it time to brush off the dust and bring it out into the light? Whether you are 5 or 105, accomplishing your dream is not only possible, but also necessary.

 We all came here with a 'mission' so-to-speak. We may not consciously know what that 'mission' is, but deep within we do. Perhaps this is the dream we carry knowingly or unknowingly. What might this 'mission' look like? Anything. Some call it our "purpose" or "passion" for being here. It may look like the 'dream' I discussed at the beginning of this article.

 Maybe your purpose, passion, mission, or dream are the same or all different. Maybe one of them begins, and another is a stepping stone to the next. Whatever way it unfolds in your life, it is true for you. Remember, no one else is quite like you. So how do you know where to start? Are you going to magically awaken one day to your 'purpose'?

My Passion

 My passion is writing. I have written and published hundreds of articles, two books of fiction and one of non-fiction, in the last five years alone. Is writing my purpose or my dream? No, I don't think so. Writing is a mechanism I use to help people discover their own inner strengths and use them to better their lives. Helping people fulfill their dreams is my purpose.

 Steps you might take to discover your purpose, passion, and such might be to first look at what you have 'dreamed' of for years; maybe it is to play a musical instrument. Then look at the passion or passions that make(s) your life worthwhile. Is your passion listening to music, for example? That might indicate a dream of playing an instrument. Reverse the steps above, add new ones, play with different ones. Somewhere hidden in all of the clutter of your mind is a thread that will lead you to the answer. 

If you have not yet done any of the above, or even thought of it, then something is holding you back. Is it a perceived lack of time to pursue your dream? Is it an already too-filled lifestyle, or Listening to other people's opinions about how you should live?

"An unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates.

   Isn't it time to step forward and find what is calling you? Have you found it, but are not living it, for maybe one of the reasons given above? If you meditate, sit with this question what is my purpose, or dream, or whatever you want to call it? Or if you already know it -what is holding me back?

 You will never know, until you make a choice to explore it. "But, I like my life just the way it is," you might say. And I am sure you do. Or at least you think you do. But do you really? Are you living your dream? Is everything exactly the way you would have planned it to be? Are you okay living the way you do now until it is time to leave this planet?

The Steps

 Stepping into the unknown is, for most people, a scary scenario. But until you do, you will never know what is there. Below are steps that will help you walk through the process:

  • Write down all the things you have wanted to do; do this, or at least some of this, from a 'stream of consciousness' standpoint, that is, write whatever comes to you without thinking about it. Put the list away for a couple of days.
  • Go through the above, sorting out the ten most desired actions, then five. Put them away for a day or two.
  • Sit with the five and choose which ones seem to be passions, purposes, and such, if this process seems appropriate.
  • Choose one you have marked "passion" and begin practicing it in whatever way you feel called to do.
  • Once you have begun doing a process with the activity, the rest will fall into place more easily.

 The preceding process is just one possibility of many, but it is a start. If you feel stuck, and cannot move forward, then another process must take place one of clearing what is stopping you.

Just Do It

 Wherever you stopped in the process above, sit with it and ask "What is keeping me from moving forward with . . . (whatever step you are stuck in). Let your mind clear and write down whatever comes; do not judge it. Repeat this process until an answer surfaces. When it does, it will point to, or be, a belief. Once the belief that is holding you back is found, you can clear it over time by just letting it go.

 The above is simplistic. It may take more work to get unstuck. If you need help with the process, send me an email and I will determine how I can help.


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