Where Are You?
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 As a spiritual coach and counselor I always need to know where a client is spiritually. Otherwise, we may be coming from different points of view regarding the session. It also helps even in casual contacts so that our conversation can proceed smoothly. Everyone has some spiritual perspective about how to live their lives, whether religious or not. What I wonder is how important this perspective, or even having such a view, is to a person.

 During the last twenty years as I awakened to my own spiritual understanding of what my life is about, I noticed a variety of perceptions that people have concerning spirituality. For some, the subject is taboo, while others are quite open about it. Sadly, there are many who go through their lives without even considering spiritual principles and what they might mean for them. While you read this article think what they mean to you.

 First, let me be clear that I am not referring to religious doctrine here. Organized religion has its own way of teaching and relating spiritual principles to its members or attendees. What this article is about is how you perceive spirituality in your life whether from a religious viewpoint or not. In fact, all religions have the same foundation upon which they build. It is just how they present the principles and what language (wording) is used to express them that are different.

 I would guess that everyone reading this is, or has at some time been in, a religiously structured community. What those of us who have broken away from organized religion have discovered is that we can relate to spirituality in a more open and free way, and challenge beliefs that have held us in bondage to a certain way of thinking. Thus, the reason I want to be clear that I am discussing spiritual ideas not necessarily tied to any particular religion or structured way of thinking.

 In a previous article I discussed language, or how we relate through the words we use, and I will be as clear as possible here with words. Having said that let’s get on with the big one – the word God. For some it is the only word (label) that identifies a higher power, while for others it is one they have abandoned due to previous religious experiences. It is only a word, a label, to describe what we mean when discussing some higher power, something beyond this physical experience, or world. So here, I will use Spirit or others to be clear about what I am talking about. The human mind cannot really understand such a Power so any word used is just our way of trying to describe it.

 What is your perception or belief, around some higher power, something beyond your physical body or physical world? I have met people who believe that we are born as little bodies, live out an adult bodily life, die, and that is it; nothing before and nothing after. I personally find that a sad and unhappy way to live; no wonder so many people fear death. In some religions this life is looked at as redemptive; that is, we use our earthly life to redeem ourselves for past faults so when we leave and go to the ‘next life’ our souls are ‘saved’. While this concept is a step toward something to look forward to, it still has an unhappy aspect to it; we must suffer here to be given a reward later.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who believe that we are Spirit in form and have come here to learn and experience things about ourselves that cannot be experienced in the spiritual realm; and then there all of those somewhere in between. For those of you who read my article A New Paradigm, parts 1 & 2, you have seen that things are changing; new ideas (actually ancient ones) are surfacing and old ones are leaving. More and more people are awakening to who they really are from a spiritual perspective, so there is a shift taking place where people are leaving the first viewpoint described and moving toward the latter.

 Because this shift is occurring, it is important for us to know where we are spiritually and how we relate to others within this understanding. Many relationships dissolve during such a change and some are at a loss wondering why. When we begin to understand that something within us has finally surfaced after being hidden for years, changes that suddenly appear are not so scary. When we are at least aware of principles in our lives that point to why some event or experience we had occurred, the situation doesn’t seem so strange. Look at your life from a perspective that things are happening due to some spiritual aspect instead of coming out of the blue, and see if the events have more meaning to you.

 What I am getting to here is spiritual awareness. Is this life all there is and nothing else? If so, what is that urge within to seek something unknown and beyond our current lifestyle? What is that feeling, sometimes deep and subtle, that arouses our curiosity about life beyond this planet or “out there”? What is it that sometimes brings a feeling of love so deep and heartfelt that it brings tears to our eyes? Consider this awareness for yourself. Ask yourself these questions and wait for the answers if you don’t already have them.

 I am not proposing that I know what lies beyond this life, but what I do know is that there is something beyond my physical body that guides my life. Quantum Physics now tells us about a quantum field of energy that is everywhere present that has intelligence. This corresponds with an “Intelligent Substance” Wallace Wattles and others like him, wrote about in the early 1900’s. It confirms what the Ancient philosophers and spiritual teachers told us about thousands of years ago. There is something that lives our bodies and guides our lives. I know that when I tap into it through meditation or times of total or even subtle awareness, my life works and feels so much better.

 Where are you spiritually? I think it is a question that will cause you to look deep within to find the answer. The ancient philosopher, Socrates and others like him said to “know thyself,” and that the “unexamined life” is not worth living. It is the need to understand who we are as beings living on this planet that has sparked such statements and similar questions for eons. Is it time in your life to examine where you are in relationship to all of life on this planet as well as the cosmos?

 If so, take notes and spend some time with the answers. It may well be the most important experience you have ever had.


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