Who Is In Charge?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Ever get upset with some business or vendor? You might have burst into an office and asked "Who's in charge here?" Or maybe a police officer will confront a group of unruly people and ask "Who's in charge?  Or "Who's the leader?" When it comes to focusing blame, the person 'in charge' is taken to task for whatever has happened.

 We all seem to look outside of ourselves to point our finger at someone to 'take the blame'. This scenario mostly happens when something does not work in our world. Whether it is the world beyond our home or closer, we tend to push the problem away, and offload it onto someone or something else.

 "Well, isn't that the way the world works?" You ask.  So it would seem. The media certainly looks for a 'victim' and someone to blame to bring drama to the story. A person has to be very careful these days in order to not fall into the trap of being blamed for something having nothing to do with him/her.

Who is really in charge?

 While the scenarios given above seem the 'norm', there is a whole lot more going on beneath the surface of consciousness. Each one of us creates our world; we are in charge. Want to blame someone for what just happened? Look in the mirror. "Don't be absurd," you say. "How could I have caused  . . . ?" Fill in the blank.

 Out of the millions of situations that are occurring in your life, I will pick one possibility. You come home from a difficult day at work (created by whom?) and throw your briefcase on the table. It slides across the just polished table, and crashes onto the floor hitting a vase. The vase breaks, and the briefcase springs open, spilling the contents everywhere. Your partner goes berserk about the broken vase and your carelessness. You get mad because of the slippery table and briefcase contents strewn over the floor.

 What happened here? Who is to blame? You assert it is your boss's fault for upsetting you earlier. Your partner blames you, while you blame your partner for making the table so slippery; after all, the briefcase never slid before. Looking deeper into the above, who created this? Who set it up?

 Suppose you had not taken whatever happened at the office home with you? You create how you respond to anything, period. There can be no argument about that statement. Putting aside the office situation, you could have cooled off on your way home. But instead, you held onto the outcome.

How you create

 The above is a simplistic example of very real scenarios that occur everyday. You are the captain of your ship. You create and run your life in every moment. As you read this, I am sure you are reviewing dozens of situations that have happened, which you could not have possibly have created. Really? If you looked deeply into those situations, and asked yourself questions about their cause and outcome, you might see it differently.

 From the moment you awaken, you begin creating your day, more unconsciously than consciously. "Whoa, how is that possible?" you say. It is possible, because that is how life works on a non-physical level. We are spiritual beings using our bodies to enjoy this physical experience and learn more about ourselves. We create on a non-physical level, and then bring that creation into manifestation.

 Whether you choose to believe what I wrote above or not, will not change the process; it still continues to occur. We create our lives mostly from habit. Actions we take repeatedly become habits embedded in our subconscious minds. Getting back to creating upon getting out of bed, we do this from habit. We pull those tidbits of information stored in the unconscious out and proceed to create our day.

 Are you beginning to see how you are the creator of your life? You are in charge. You have no one to answer to except yourself. No one? Not the government, not your college professor, not your parents (well, depending on your age), not your partner, no one. Of course you have signed up for certain responsibilities by being a human on the planet. For example, if you decided to raise a family, you have responsibilities to those individuals. But you do not answer to them.

Take Charge of your life now

 You still are in charge of YOUR life and no one else's, agreed to responsibilities aside. What you need to get in touch with about how that works is an understanding of how you are doing the creating. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you continually think about manifests itself in physical form. Another way of saying it is that whatever you put out you get back. This is just a simple statement of what is happening, not how it works.

 If you want a more positive, fulfilling life, then you will have to change the subconscious programming you have been following. Since you create your day anyway, you might as well create outcomes that work for you. To make these changes takes one step at a time. Below are first steps to clear some of the negative programming.

  • Stop complaining
  • Stop judging in a negative way
  • Question what caused the outcome you did not like; look within, not outward
  • Question your response to an outcome

 Play with the above processes for awhile. You will find all sorts of patterns and habitual ways of responding. Just by changing the way you respond, you will unravel many areas of discontent. When you are ready to create what you want, rather than what you do not want, the following steps will be of some help.

  1. Create in your mind and on paper something you want; make it simple
  2. Write a couple of affirmations related to the above; repeat them several times a day with emotion; feel their power bringing you (1) above
  3. Envision the outcome of (1) above, using all of your senses to see yourself actually being where you want to be and doing what you want to do
  4. live your life daily as if (1) has already occurred
  5. continue the above until you have succeeded drawing (1) to you

 The procedure above is a simplistic method to begin creating life your way. It takes time and a lot of effort to change habits and unconscious programming accumulated over a lifetime. Do not give up, persevere; you will be glad you did.


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