Who Can You Believe?
By Art Ramsay

 On a planet of over 7 billion people from all walks of life, hundreds of different languages, diverse ethnic values, and varying degrees of intelligence, it is challenging to know who to believe about life and our world. Everyone, or at least, most have their own agenda. What we are told ranges from world governments, to your next door neighbor.

 Since we were old enough to understand the words we heard or the actions we saw, we have been learning from other people. Of course, most of you know this from my other articles, but what I have not expressed succinctly is can you believe what you were/are told?

 Many of you might say “I believe those that I trust”, but where did this trust come from? What was it built on: what they did, what they said, their background, parents, spiritual friends? Trust can come from the many different ways a person relates to you, so what they say may or may not be one of them.

 The world is in turmoil as I write this in October, 2014. Mainstream media makes sure you know about wars, victims, violence of all kinds, and on and on. Who gives the media the data they use? Government sources, including the CIA and other departments. Do you trust or believe them? I don’t. This is one area of your life you can cross off the list of who to believe.

 Besides the world’s governments, what other organizations have been controlling you? Well, religions come to mind. More people have died in religious warfare then all other wars put together, they tell you what to do and how to live under their rules, yet people flock to churches, synagogues, mosques, and such every day. Why? Fear; no other reason. Do you trust or believe them? I don’t.

 This article is not about going through every organization in the world and pointing out why you cannot trust them, I am using the above as a reference as to why trust and belief may or may not go together. You may get information from a person you trust, but he or she may have received that data from someone who knew little about what they said.

 Even if I did list all of the companies, organizations, and people not to trust or believe, I would be putting myself in a position of you not believing me. What I have pointed out so far gives you an idea of where I am going with this article. We cannot believe the world “out there”, because what is “out there” depends on your perception of its very existence.

 Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

That song says it all, doesn’t it? Even thought I only used one verse. Since “out there” gives you too many inputs to consider, what is left? The inner aspect of you is the only place you can continually depend on for answers, or even questions. No one else knows you like you do, therefore, no one else can be believed like that within your own Being.

 You have brought yourself to where you are today. Did you have help? Most likely; we all have asked for and gotten help. Most, or perhaps all, of that help came from someone else you probably trusted. But who guided you to ask the questions, and who guided you in discerning the answers? The inner aspect of you may have led you to those people or places for answers.

 But there is one part of you that could be misleading; your egoic self. The ego is part of your “outer” world, because it has been the source of what you gathered from outside yourself. It will also give you answers that come from your belief system (BS), which is the same as believing someone else, since your BS is built on other people’s inputs.

 You can truly only believe the inner you or intuition, beyond your ego and BS. How do you do this? By focusing on your heart and your third eye, and then asking your question. Will the answer immediately pop into your mind? Maybe, but probably not. Your answer may come to you in a number of ways; you just have to be aware and wait for it.

 I have gotten messages from license plates, rush-hour traffic, signs, something I read, other people, and my own inner voice, or intuition. There are a myriad of ways to get answers, you just need to look for them. Do you think the content of my articles and books come from my ego mind? Some of it yes, but most of it comes through me.

 In other articles I have explained mechanisms for letting the Self come through, of listening to your intuition. It takes practice, patience, and awareness to hone the ability of inner guidance, since most of us have been using “outer” guidance most of out lives. You have to want guidance and answers from the only source you can truly trust to get them. 

You might want to look for ways to meditate or “listen” for your intuitive input by Goggling these due to my having no way for you to search for previous articles on these subjects in my article lists. Remember, patience and persistence is what works to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Peace be with you, Art


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