Why Change Matters To You
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 We hear about, notice, and experience change every day. It is often said that the only constant is change. Yet, most people avoid change like it’s a plague. Why is that? It is mostly because we have gotten comfortable with the lives we have led for years, and avoid leaving our ‘comfort zone’.

 If we are enjoying our lives as they are then why change? Good question. But the truth is that we are NOT enjoying our lives the way they are. Oh we might like to pretend we are, even if we are not aware that we are pretending. I dare you to follow your daily life from the time you get out of bed in the morning, until you return to it at night, and say you have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your day.

 The truth is that most people move through the day either living a zombie-like existence and not even noticing it, or hating most of that day. But change it? No way. Once the snowball starts rolling down the hill gathering more snow as it rolls, there is no way of stopping it until it reaches the bottom. We live lives like that.

 The point is we desperately want to change something, or a lot, in our lives and are afraid to. We hide beneath a daily agenda of going to a job or staying home taking care of our kids, going to meetings, sports events, parties, and anything to keep ourselves occupied. The possibility of change is a mute point.

 What if making certain changes in your life had meaning to you? What if making certain changes in your life was absolutely necessary? If someone suddenly found they had a life-threatening disease and had to change things to avoid death, changes most definitely would be made.

 Do we have to go that far? Do we have to wait until something comes along that compels us to make changes, in order to take action? Well it seems that way doesn’t it? This article is being written in the beginning of the year 2012, a year predicted to produce major changes around the world. Might this be the event that inspires or maybe even forces you to make changes?

 Since everything is constantly changing, whether you notice it or not, maybe it is time to take a good, hard look at your life. What is just one thing you would change right now? Just pick something and look at it carefully. How could changing this one thing better your life?

 Of course, your first question might be, “what difference does it make? My life is the way it is and there is no point changing it.” I hear you, and I am sure that is the first response for most people. Fear of change is a big wall to break through;  maintaining the status quo seems more important.

 But what if making changes were really important to you, because making that change or changes really would make a difference to you and your family? What if making changes really mattered? What if it mattered not only to you, your family, and friends, but also to your neighbors, your city, geographic location, your nation, or even to the whole world?

 Well it does. We are not talking about just changing you, the reader, because we are all connected. What we change in our lives affects everyone, even if it is unnoticeable by the person receiving the minute change; sometimes known as the ‘butterfly effect’. Do you think you matter? Ask someone in your family. You bet you do. You matter to me or I would not be writing this article.

 Because you matter, because I matter, because everyone matters, making changes in our lives matters. We did not come to this planet to just do what most of us are doing. We came here with a purpose. Most people in the world today have no idea why they are here except to live out the life they are living.

There is more to life than most people can even imagine, and that is why it is important to make changes in yours. Do you want to live in a ‘better’ world? One without violence, war, and greed? Do you want to walk down a city street at night without fear of being mugged? We all want these things.

 It is only when you come to realize that each of us plays a part in it, however subtle it may be, that we accept our responsibility for it. When we do this we will be ready to make changes that matter. Changes that shift the vibrations of the world around us; ‘our world’.

 The time is at hand. It is what we have been waiting for; not a savior, but our own shift from separation to Oneness. Are you ready to quietly discover your part in the grand scheme of things? Are you ready to take a step to change something to a more ‘positive’ energy? Let’s do it together.


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