Are You Ready to Leave the Wilderness?
by Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

Have you ever been in the wilderness? That is, a huge forested area devoid of humans; it can be a scary place. All of the food, water, and protection from the weather is on your back; and you are alone. What would happen if you were attacked by a wild animal or animals? What would happen if you fell and broke a leg? What would happen if you got lost and ran out of food and water?


The above scenarios are real, when hiking and camping in the wilderness. We must always be prepared for anything when we are out of our element. But, many people who venture into the wilderness are not, and thus get themselves in trouble needing to be rescued. These kinds of experiences happen frequently, because people live in cities, and populated areas, where help is a phone call away.


But there is another kind of wilderness that is even scarier: the wilderness of your mind. Do you think you have it all under control and can easily figure things out? Think again. You can get lost quicker than in a forest. No one is immune from this aspect of life. We are all still in the wilderness. The only way out is to escapte the dominance of your conscious/ego mind is to step into the Real world.


Where is the Real world? It is that aspect of ourselves we call our Higher Self, I Am Presence, or as ACIM calls it The Holy Spirit. In the physical wilderness, we may have a compass and map, flare, GPS, or cell phone that can signal for help. In the wilderness of our mind we have guidance and direction from within. But we have to know how to use it, just as we would any of the tools mentioned above.


The wilderness of your mind is always present, unless you know how to leave it, and can easily lead you astray. Even if you are no longer involved in the corporate, job related world, the wilderness is still present; it my look different, but the effect is the same. For example, you have a 'million' things to do, you cannot decide which way to go about something, or the thoughts in your head will not go away.


I have been a meditator for over twenty years, and usually had no problem quieting my mind. But in the past couple of years I have had difficulty calming the thoughts that continually race through my head. The energy around the earth is changing, and these changes affect our daily lives in many ways. I use several methods to put away the thoughts while I meditate.


So the effect of the wilderness of our minds can not only affect the corporate executive, but a retiree living a 'carefree' life as well. We need to pull ourselves out of the wilderness and catch a glimpse of who we really are. With all that is going on around us, especially in 2012 and the near future, how do we make this change?


Any time we attempt to make changes in our lives, our old habits rise up to defend themselves. After all, they have been with us for many years, almost running our lives for us. They will not die easily. The 'thought parade' is a challenge to stop or reduce, so that we can have a quiet mind to leave the wilderness.


The first step to begin this process is to make a commitment to yourself to do the work. Nothing is ever accomplished with a noncommittal, lackadaisical attitude. You must want to quiet your mind and stop the habits that run your life. It is time for you to take the wheel and consciously be the pilot of your life.


The next thing to do is create a plan. It does not need to be complex, merely a way to take the steps to a quieter and simpler life. For example, you could begin or increase a meditation practice, or take your awareness to a new level. There are many ways to move into the process of escaping from the wilderness; choose something that seems easy and doable for you.


Are you ready to leave the wilderness, or at least begin this journey? Or, do you want to stay where you are? If you are reading this article, my sense is that you desire to step away, or begin the process, from your current lifestyle to something better.


The world is changing in many ways, and will continue to change. Nothing nor no one can stop it. You can join in this change and be a part of the New Golden Age as many call it. However you view it, a new way of being and living is coming and already in process. The old world, I call the wilderness, will gradually fade away to be replaced by a new paradigm.


We can work together in consciousness and help this change take place, and change with it, or we can try to ignore it and keep living our 'old' lives within it. I choose to continue to change my inner life toward one of peace and love, rather than continue a Fearful one. My outer life will follow the inner changes and change as well.


Notice I stated above that my outer life will follow my inner changes and eventually align with it. This is how it works; change the inner first, and then the outer will have to follow. It cannot happen another way.


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