When Your World Falls Apart
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 There comes a time in everyone's life when their world comes crashing down around them. What worked yesterday, does not work today; what seemed smooth sailing, now has enormous waves rolling right at them. Nothing seemed to have changed to cause such events to occur, but they did none-the-less.

 A spouse or partner says they are leaving, you get fired from your long-time job, your doctor discovers something terribly wrong; all sorts of similar events send you into a fragmented state of being. Now what? How do you recover from what, to you, is the end of the world?

 As I watch scenes from tornado devastated areas, floods, fires, and the recent events from a 9.0 earthquake near Japan, I see people's everyday world vanish. What would I do in a similar situation I often ask myself? What would be my next step when the world as I know it changes instantly?

 While the examples given above are metaphorical in one case and physical in another, their effects on our psyche is the same. Depending on your lifestyle, outlook, culture, or 'normal' state of mind, your response to disaster may be very different. But there is one thing in common you must take your next step.

Your Next Step

 What would that 'next step' look like? I believe anyone's response after the shock of the event, would be to take a deep breath and center one's self. Shake off the enormity of it all, calm your mind, and let the next step come to you. You may find that giving thanks for what you have, instead of fretting about what you have lost, will bring feeling of ease. Or if that does not work in the moment, at least be grateful the situation is not worst than it could have been.

 Since there are infinite ways for anyone's world to fall apart, the 'next step' would vary. It may be to move on after a divorce, or pick up the pieces left by an auto wreck, or look for a temporary place to live after your house is devastated. But woven into that next step has to be a lingering thought about your part in it. I know you are probably saying, "let's get the situation repaired and not place blame." I am not speaking of blame here far from it. I quit paying the blame game decades ago.

 What I am getting to here is exploring how the Law of Attraction brought about the circumstance that caused what happened. Of course, you are going to get things back into some kind of order first, especially if it is a physical condition; but our lives are lived through Cause and Effect. When we experience an effect that wrenches our lives with pain, physical or emotional, we want answers.

Doing Your Spiritual Work

  Even if we have done our 'spiritual work' and feel confident about who we are as spiritual beings, when we slam face first into a metaphorical brick wall, we may fall into the 'victim', or 'why me' mode. Living a 'comfortable' lifestyle entraps us in wanting things to stay the same. Sometimes though, a life-altering change may be necessary to pull us out of our monotony. Here is where the answer noted above is needed. Why? How? What does this mean? Are questions that may come to us.

  The way out is never easy, but the impact can be lessened by going within as soon as possible. Your answer is always there even when you cannot see it. The questions asked above lead us to the same place that 'still small voice within'. Let me show you what I mean through an example.

An Example

 You are very unhappy with your job and coworkers and complain everyday about it. This does not work, that does not work, this person is a jerk, that person does not know what he is doing, and so on. And many times during the day you may say to yourself, "I need a change", or "this has got to change", or "I cannot stand this anymore, I have to get out of here", and so on.

 What does your unconscious mind 'hear'? Change. What you think about and speak about most, you manifest. Suddenly one day, you are fired for no apparent reason. You have a family to support, a mortgage, a car payment. What are you going to do without an income? It seems devastating at the time, but after you begin looking for jobs, you focus on the questions you may have asked right after being fired.

 Although the above is rather simplistic, and based on only one possibility, the example at least gives you an idea of what I mean about going within to find the cause. So what purpose does this serve? Most people may not even recognize that they manifested the loss of a job. It especially seems not applicable if a weather event destroyed your house.

The Law of Attraction

 Explaining how the Law of Attraction works in every situation would take a huge book to even try to explain, much less this short article. The point here is the law is always working, just like the Law of Gravity. It cannot not work. Therefore, if you understand how it brings the events and people into your life, you can begin to make it work for what you want, rather than what you do not want.

 The bottom line here is to remember that you are a powerful spiritual being, rather than just a physical body. What you see on the outside, the effects, are but a reflection of what is going on inside, the causes. In the case of great tragedies, knowing that you are a Divine Being can smooth the transition to something new.


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