Is Your Mind Messing With You?
By Art Ramsay, PhD

 Do feel as though you are walking around with a music box in your head? Or that your brain is like a nonstop CD playing over and over? Well, that is how it has been for me lately.

My whole life has been based on using my mind in everything I do; it is the hard drive of my body. As an electronic technician, and then as an engineer, my mind was what drove my career in electronics. Since then, I have followed many brain-based principles to run my life, including hypnosis, subliminal programming, brainwave meditations, visualization, and mindfulness. They have all been a great help in learning and training my mind in various ways.

 Most of what I have read and experienced about spiritual growth is based on brain/mind techniques, especially those that deal with money issues and other desires. We are a brain-based society as is most of the world. However, there are those that are not brain-based. These are societies of indigenous peoples and others who have existed for millennia depending on something besides their brains.

 What is that something? It is their heart and intuition, or maybe, just their heart. I read awhile back that our heart is where our intuition comes through to us. If you have been in new thought, spirituality for awhile, you are familiar with the phrase “the longest journey is from the head to the heart”, meaning that we need to get out of our head/intellect regarding our spiritual journey and into our heart.

 I have written a couple of articles on the heart, so I do not plan digging deeper here. What I have experienced in the last year or so is falling back into my brain-based life and shutting out my intuition. Why is that? My mind has been too busy on what is going on with my parent’s health, preparing my house to sell, my body that has had other than healthy situations off and on, and other physical things.

 We are not our bodies. How many times have you read that in my articles? We are not our bodies, but we do seem to focus fully on them don’t we? While this is a great focus for our physical being, it is not for our spiritual growth. Although our body is an important part of who we are, it is not the main game.

 Over the past year I have found that the focus on my body has shut down my intuitive and heart awareness a lot. This is something I cannot allow to continue. While my body is very important and I have to make sure it stays healthy, it is not the main event as I stated above. It is time to shift my focus.

 How have I recognized this? It is due to my mind being so active and my attention to it so continuous that it overrides everything else, especially my intuition. Sound familiar? Does your brain refuse to shut down at night or even in the middle of the day when you are not focused on any particular process?

 What we call our ego mind is, of course, brain based. Some call it our personality, but ego seems to fit better for me. Whatever you call it, this part of you wants to be in charge. It will do anything to maintain this aspect of your life. It has been doing this most of our lives, so it is not a surprise. Is this a “bad” thing? Well, if you want to proceed on your spiritual journey with as little interruption from your intellect as possible, it certainly is not a “good” thing.

 The intellect has its place, and if we use it wisely it will be of great benefit, but if we let in continue to rule and overrule our lives, it will bury us. For example, there are two ways to write this article, either purely from my intellect, or a combination of my intellect and intuition. Sometimes, pure intuition will produce a great write.

 My objective is to do that; write purely from intuition. Granted, the intellect needs to be part of an article even if it is only structure, spelling, and such. Most of us are guided by our intuition more than we are aware. However, as stated so far in this article, our intellect rules and mostly overrides intuition; more so in men than in women.

 If we can override the intellect and step into a heart-based way of being, then we can truly live this way. Our ego mind vies for attention and does whatever it can to get that attention. What we need to do is recognized what is happening and step into the conflicting thoughts with the notion of letting go of them.

 The above is especially important when meditating or moving into a meditative mood. How do you let go of the “buzz” in your head? You can do something similar as you might when beginning to meditate – “watch” the thoughts pass through your mind as you would clouds passing overhead. Ignore their insistence on monopolizing the scene with suggestions that you participate in what they may request. Focus on your breath or a mantra you might have chosen.

 You can do the above also when you are lying in bed trying to get to sleep with thoughts swimming through your awareness. A quiet mind is a sacred mind. It is always listening for the “still small voice” of God, of the Inner Being that you are. It is here where your intuitive self emerges through your heart.

 All through your day, practice stilling your mind, your thoughts and opening to that voice of Love and inner peace, of Oneness. The more you practice, the happier you will be, because you will experience more peace and Love within. And what you feel within you projects into your outer world so that everyone around you can also experience the same.

 We are here to serve the world as the spiritual beings that we came here to be. We cannot allow the intellect that has served us well over the years take over. It is time for it to step down from its throne and yield to something more powerful. We are at the threshold of a New Age. We need our intuition to move through the upcoming changes and be ready for them.

 Our intellect has brought us this far. We now step forward in our hearts and join in Oneness, peace and Love with all of life.


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